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Shane Allison
African Dancer Alan tried to do me dry, thinking that
Aunt Karen's House in Ozone Park, Queens At Andy's Deli
Back in the Day Bastard
Beth Birthday Poem for David
Blue Underpants Bryan's Jeans
Cars case of emergency
Cold Sweat Cologne & Cigarettes
Cruising Dancing in the Living Room That is in the Process of Being Remodeled
Derriere Displaced in New York
Drama Queen Drinking Antler's Semen
Elegy for Felicia Hayes 1973-1998 Fatboy or Sweet and Low Self-Esteem
Feminine Side Flesh
George Costanza Doesn't Love Me Girl at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Godfather Greg
Grown Men Hair, Scalp and Skin Oil Make for Great Lube
Hate He Said He Wanted to Get Naked With Me
he stepped over me Her
Hey Lover Hot Cuban Stud
How Come You Didn't Tell Me He Has AIDS? I Brought Cake
I Call You Phillip I Don't Want You Thinking That All Gay Men Like to Do Is Fuck
I Think My Friend Matt Is a Vampire I Want to Suck a Big Dick
I Was a Teenage Poet I Was Wonder Woman and Linda Carter Was the Perpetrator
If I Was the Editor of a Literary Magazine I'm His Nigger
I'm Not Leaving This Bathroom Until I'm Saving Myself for You Todd Pierce
In Your Name Jaime
Jesus Gave Me a Blowjob Jewish: A Love Poem
John: The Movie Kenny
Kicking and Screaming Kids
Kissing Love & Romance
Lush Life Matthew Killed Somebody
The Michael Lassell Pantoum Milk
The Morning After Night of the Living Dead My Nuts Are Titanium
Naked-Butt New York is Kicking My Black Ass
Pervert's Joy piss
Poem for Lenny Bruce A Poem for Leonardo DiCaprio
A Poem for Paul Poem in Celebration of My Penis
Poem to the Late Melvin Dixon in a Black and White Photo Pictured in James White Review 1988 Posing
Psycho Responding to Timothy Liu's The Size of It
Rimming Ryan Blackmer's Asshole Scott and John Plan to Blow Up the Jenny Jones Show
Searching for Allen Ginsberg Shit
Show Me the Man Who Pinched Your Ass Skin
Someone in Wyoming Loves Me Study of a Model in Calvin Klein Jeans
Sweet 18 Talking Dirty to Myself
Take it in the Butt Taking Brian Crowell by the Cock
Tearoom Poem They Don't Kiss
Thin Skin This Is for Real
This Is Where Frank O'Hara Lives to the guys that always want to know, what do you look like?
Tom Cruise Never Sucked My Cock Waffle House
When I Called Perry Brass at Two in the Morning White Boys Are Beautiful
With Why can't I call you sweetie?
Wondering Your Poems are the Poems that Make Me Shoot Loads: A Tribute to Antler

Yona Alon
A Year's Diary

George Anderson
Dr Katz Psychiatrist Phlegmatica
pride & prejudice The...

Josh Anderson
A Bullshitter's Manifesto Howdy, Neighbor

Mechell Arant
caught in the teeth get off my toes
a story of three ziplocks are hell

Charles Ardinger
Charles Ardinger Father and/or Abraham
On First Self-Portrait by Hearsay

Anne Lombardo Ardolino
Acrobatics Always
In The Fire It is one thing to kill yourself
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ Mango Moon
The Naked Ache No Room
Not the West Village The Olde Marble Cemetery
The Park Too Damn Hot
Untitled #3

Esteban R. Arellano, Jr.
At Las Cruces catfish songs & simple prayers
For Lisa--Black Ants and Fruit Flies I Act Like a Chimpanzee and Howl Like a Motherfucker
i hear a stream represent
She Tells Me This Shit Ten Years Too Late Sister, Twilight Is A Thousand Candles God Burns For You
Smiling Death Songs and Other Poems The Story of Bear and Wolf and the Dream
Summer of the Sparrow Tonight I'm an Orphan

Richard Arnold
Different Universe Formication
Pronoun Paralysis Tornado

Matthew Lee Bain
All My So-Sharp and Pointy Things Eating Dust
Side Effects When I'm Moribund

Christopher Barnes
Bug-Eyed Flapper Gabby, Goddess of Touch
'Guerite I.M. A Latitude at My Fingertips
Refuge Space Shuttle Show

David-Matthew Barnes
Clockwork Give it to Me
Hollywood Is Gonna Fuck You If I Were
I'll Never Tell This Man's Watch

Mark Battelle
And latex cunts At large
she liked that other thing

Jason Bennett
Because rain talks to Leaning on a Razor
My Musician

J. Berk
an abstemious assembly Like I Know What Poetry Is

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Bitter Columbus Day
Concoction Counting Teeth
Crow Songs Face in the Sun
How Do You Feel? I Am Nobody
The Incident Making a Fist
A New Body One More Try
The Ruse Sitting in the Sun
The Skull-Smasher Small World
Stay Clean Stop the Devil
Talent to Spare Voices Like Conversations

Katy Bertrand
As the World Turns... Discovering that eggshell-colored
I Scream Sundae Juxtsupposed
Unconventional Manifestation Wearing my sweatshirt I am warm

Jason Van Blaricom
$3.04 Bring 'Em Down

Averil Bones
Condolence Delicious
Long Lost On Titan
Rubenesque She Called My Curves

Laurel Ann Bogen
Also Frankenstein Bones Dig this Dream
Building on Sand Closing the Door on the Icebox of Zero Possibilities
Dodging My Past Like a Gumshoe The Door of Love and Death
Harvest Come Home Imprint, May 1970
The Nameless Poem One
Orgami: The Unfolding Heart Shade
The Silk Road Slow Questions Nudge Like a Gentle Intruder
Spankings I've Known Still Listening to Suite Judy Blues
Washing a Language The Witness Tree

B. M. Bradley
1 62
After Arms
Balance Bed-Time Story
Beginning Beth
Breakfast Chocolate
Clench Closet
Cocksuckers Crawling
Dancer Dear Jesus
Empty Sensations Hyper-Boil
Kiss Old Days
Oh Baby One of Two Things
Out My Window Playground
Poet Points
Real Red
Room Sex
Saint Seventeen
Sick Silverlake
Slam Storyboard
Talk Talk Test
That Walk Three Hot Tears
Three-Way Split Time
Vague Would You

Jessica Brand
Beer with a friend My ex-boyfriend and I still meet

Rofiah Breen
Consequence How I Came to America
How Is the Body Held at Ease I'm telling you
The Mistake The Right
The Song White Noise

J Bridges
Bottles and Clits. The Connoisseur.
Crap. Haircut.
Insanity Is a Journey for the Brave. It's All a Case of A, B, C.
The Kitchen, the Cook, the Meat and Her Lover. Moosehead.
A Poem in Two Parts Due to a Lack of Self-Control Sliding.
When It Comes It Comes. Why?

Anselm Brocki
Art of Eating Census
Circling Nesting
Pose Yes

Teri Browning
The Big Universe Dead Cull
Nor Love, Nor Force Portrait of Woman

Michael H. Brownstein
Fire Lusting for Kali
Seedlings Three Daughters

Nick Bruno
If This Poem Were Hannibal Lecter Meltdown
Nightscape Old Keyboards
One Hand Clapping A Piece of Broccoli
Surrogate Poet Unprintable

John Bryan
aspersions, counter-intelligence, to a foriegn language Asunder arvo
BBC affects fx Beautify
Bipolar Girls ' the biological symbol for the female comes from the representation of the hand Mirror of Venus '
Calvary Hospital can't make fire / can't make spears
Carcharodon magolodon Childhood/lum
theconcreteabstract Confrontation
Conquistador Conspiracy :)
Dip Skinnies Dog
(economy of madness) receiving an email from favoured girl & re: in Dhampiric form Faith
field of Mars Flashback
Goblin Shark Grand Moff Tarkin
The Great Canberra Fires of 18 / 01 / 03 haunted
Himmler at Posen How in cunt's name did I end up here?
Hubris Huitzilopochtli, post - conquest
Le Immaculate Magnetic In our darker moments
K - k - keith Kindergarten
Letter Forecast: Chance of Chain Life Affirming
Lip Spill the maze
Methuselah Trees Ms. X
Necromance new strain of porn ( , inventing a )
Order Quidnunc
relic Respect
Rockin' the Suburbs She didn't come, even after two hours
Somnambulist Suicide by Hanging: Images
Still Life Taboo
Throatcut To ways of joy and clarity
Top Myself Tzompantli
Umbrella Warning Signs
Weetangera Well of Knowledge
Wendigo Blues What Tracey Said
World War You The Writing of the Fits

Janet Buck
Anchors in Erratic Soil The Empty Bed
Like Brie Lost Nickels
Moss Turning Fish
White Cuff

Luke Buckham
Admit this to Women: alarm clocks trampled on the sidewalks, massah.
all the obvious shades ancient invitations
Attraction be still & travel with a new prayer
binocular necrosis black & white summer
columns for the many children I never was come
Earth Come Unstuck Eating in Daylight
everything at once extraterritorial triumph
forgetting all your wars The Glutton God
godfunk the agony rest a goodbye to most doors
heaven fits in my suitcase help me haul this night
Highway 95 --holy holy in the unholy dust--
hope we can wait, galileo. hrumph!
I Have Known i'll tell you what it is, honey
indigo snake in the orgone box it's raining bathtubs
the landfill symphonies the life whose little door is swinging shut
the loneliness of birth love's maniac
mars is warming up my short-cuts have all been paved
No Arrival. Perfect
a phantasmagoria featuring spastic & languid figures in opposition; redhead insomniac song
run a so-called Luddite's metaphysical chisel sends sparks
to enjoy unnamed fun
winter's comedian the white sand and the sun
You Asked Me To Tell You What's Going On Here So I'll Tell You: your mouth will stop here

Michael Burch
Goddess In Flight Convergence
Once Psycho Analysis

Bill Burns
Alien Probe All the Myriad Rivers Under Your Skin
The Aunt That Ate Milwaukee Creature Comforts
Future Perfect The High Road and Holy One
Night of the Irritable Dead On Escher and Becoming
The Other

Tim Button
Balut Concerning a Diary Found in the Woods
An Earthworm's Ars Poetica I've Bought a Bottle of Jim Beam
Just Some Prophet Oedipus in the Dark
Orichalcum Parade of Monkeys
A Sand Mandala at Low Tide

let it be said, it's all been said stitches
when i stopped remembering a ladybug stepped out of the air conditioner

Kohsé Caldwell
After Day 2010 Dalmane -- 30 mg.
Doctor Your Herbs Kiss the Flour

J. J. Campbell
as meaningless as we are breaking news
the fourth of july the shallow end of the gene pool

Jack Cannon
1973 The buildings I've built
Drawing the Blinds

Steve Caratzas
Catching Up with Frankenstein Enchanting Dachau
Later Has Passed, Never Just Started Maker
Memo from the Graverobber's Society Of Pleasing Odor to the Lord
Percodan Dreams Tattoo #7, 1995
The Tyrant Unmasked

Wendy Carlisle
'47 Chevy American Air
Aliens Baton Rouge
Colonel Tom Parker at the Pearly Gates Dog Days
How Could Norma Jean How to Travel
How You Know In California
Keeping up with the Dead Lost and Found
Love for the Undead Notes on the Hereafter
Silence Some Questions Raised by Observing the Church of the Firstborn Sign On Highway 99 S.
Speaking in Tongues Stories
Teeth More Importantly White Wolf

Amberlee Carter
after erratic encounters falling short

Adam Case
Calvary Hill Review Court Ordered 100 Hours
Kitty's: Girls, Girls, Girls The Summer I Attended a Native American Literature Course And My Brother Lost a Wife

Travis Catsull
The Flood of Mathis The Last Raindrop
Mathis Answers The Soft Rejoice

Jamie Cavanagh
another rejection Canto Populi
A Dangerous Place The Fate of the Earnest
Stake in the Ass Visitors Late in Autumn

Michael Ceraolo
American Canto IV Education Bureaucrats (6)
Literary Bureaucrats (2) Starting Points (2)

Bill Chene
Garage Sale The Hunchback
Moral Majority Watch Spring
You're Most Like Me...

Joseph Chiappelli
Conversation with Frog Peyote Soul Ramble
Undulations of the Soul

Laurie Christenson
A Daily Thought Drop Any Coin and I Will Tell You More
Rare find Whatever

Tyler Clay
Abducted by Dawn Abortion
As a Place to Vent My Care As a Tomorrow That
As I Rounded the Corner Cleaned Up
A Dream Has Expired The Filmstrip Repeats
The Hell of Eternity I Know Not
I Wake in Ruptured Dreams It Said in Ink
It Was Naught but the Toss of a Quarter It's Easier to Think Of
It's Routine - A Trait - Light Seeps Through
A Lonely Wretch I Am Look for Me There
Monogomy Must
My New Mortality
Oh My God Outside, the Dark Clouds Move Slowly
Outside the Hum A Pretense Is Here
Reliance The Sky Switches On
She Falls from Balance, Sometimes She Kept You Alive
She Walked into the End Somewhere a Boy Throws a Stone
Stacks of Paper The Stillness Remembers
Stirring There Stood the Last
This Virgin Solitude Violated Forever
The Weather Changed What's an It?
You Can Make Me A Your Name Is Sister Seven?
You've Come a Distance

Kim Cochran
Doing a Little Time Wind Across the Moon
World of Black

Ira Cohen
Between Shit & Shinola A Brickbat for Herman Brood
For Roxanne & Marina Tsvetaeva Mandaran Vigil
Optical Time Delay The Stauffenberg Cycle

K. R. Copeland
Beat Blind Date: Bad Sign
Combo Platter Discovering April
Emphasis Eve-Like I
Fear of the Rabbit Finale
Good Posture Harebrained
Human Nature Hypothetical Display of Affection
I Wonder When I Am Dead Mediocrity
Nervousness Not a Dream; But Life
The Prose of Cons Red Lipstick
Role Reversal Scum Love
Should I Marry a Cannibal Still
A Taste of Breaking Up Terribly Twisted

R. Paul Craig
Dad The Leap
The Person

Laura Craig Mason
Dance Inner Peace Doesn't Sell
Rootless Seasick

Chris D'Errico
Ambulance Before I Float (Through Your Back Porch Still Buttoning My Shirt)
Cut & Bleed God's Special Nonsense Creation
High i'm the exterminator
Noble Rot Possessions
She Likes the Blues Singer Street Music

Ed da Silveira, Jr.
An Abbreviated History of the U.S. through the Late 1800's Architectural Mutations in the American Trajectory
Fulcrum Point Los Angeles in Winter
¡Mira Guey! (Hey Asshole!)

Steve Dalachinsky
columns of light The Feminine
La Fenice fragments from the life of a sleepwalker
Overcast the Panama Francis Big Band in Washington Square Park - Contemporary Poetry #2
Patti Smith's Fingers the phone call (first)
the rain storm rear window 1
rear window 2 the state of the empire
we live in the faces on the wall yesterday my eyes were a garden

Dancing Bear
Back Brian's Mom
The Cover of Her Notebook God Business
Layaway Menthol Cigarettes
Michael Madsen Moving Day
Revisionist Ridin' the Road to Hell
Taking the Stud Home

T. O. Davis
Aches Fencing
The Freudian Position When you told me he fucked you all night

Holly Day
All Souls' Eve Go Away
Grubworm Man

Kristen Day
boxing the curves Normal, Crazy, and St. Peter's Girlfriend
Sharing the Love

Barbara DeCesare
2:30 AM Pennsylvania Avenue Aria
Dogs and Doves Like No Plague
True Love

L. J. Denney
Irony Moments of Desperation
Over the Rhine

K. M. Dersley
Pulp (audio only)

Jim DeWitt
Butt-Busting Moments Explode Go Manicure Your Eyelashes
Mannequin over in Sportswear Stain-Free Up-Standing
Taste Time Appreciation

Brian Downes
#6 #16
#19 No #21
#36 Shy Angel
War Song

Andrea Drugay
Fuschia, or, For heaven's sake I left the light on by mistake Godspeed
Jar of Coins

Jim Dunlap
Fanning the Embers A Proctological Version of "What Goes Around Comes Around"
Tropics' Tithes Too Much Thinking Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
War on the Homefront

john e
jean tectonics
true crime story

Alethea Eason
Alethea at Disneyland (3) with Donna Kuhn Alethea's Mermaid (5) with Donna Kuhn
Barry Bonds Holy Man
Primitive Body Queen of Fire (2) with Donna Kuhn
We Wait

R. C. Edrington
After Heroin As she sleeps
B&D Chorizo & Eggs
Cutter Dumbass Artist
Ghosts of Hollywood Murder
pencil slash Sick Fucks

Gerald England
And Every Star Shall Shine Clinging to the Valley
Dreams The Image-Maker
Lame Dog Love Poem My Last Poem about Snow
Traces You, Being Absent, and the Cat

Kaan Erkam
A Cat Died Today Memory

Michael Estabrook
2 Crows at the Side of the Road Boxes, Baskets and Masks
the Staten Island Ferry Strangest Thing Really

Linda Etheridge
A Former Christmas Hannah
Keep the Faith Libra
Love Reckoning Sigh
Up Country Inn

Richard Fein
Cetacean Creed The Daughter's Version
Dynamics of Capitalism Envy
Estate Appraisal The Old Neanderthal Shaman Muses
One Night Stand A Question of Thirteen Seconds

Laura Fletcher
Absorb And to Hold Your Hand for Just this One Night
Bourgeois Brand New Purse
Damp Disturbances
Do You Ever Wonder How Much of Life Is a Stunt? A Drunk Rambling
DUI Feminism
Good Guys He Is Reaching
Hit and Run I Give God an Erection
I Wish I Could Be Silly More Often imeyou
Home Again Hot Tears
Jesus Mary Mother of Christ Knife: Mine
The Librarian Multimedia
My Patience Has Expired ode to elmer
Recollections (What's Swept Under the Carpet) Rings
Ripped Off A Rock
sadness, a religion obnoxious ...said a virgin to a woman
Self-Confession Sexual Invalid
Simple Opportunities Singular
Sinsation A Short Film
Sleep ...a sort of letter to an ex
Thumper Time Warp
Toothless You Used to be My Carpet

Dennis Formento
tongue paint with Donna Kuhn

Michael Foster
Easy Street In Wine, Prayer
Leaving Complacency Making Do
Mining Fool's Gold Untilted
Where Late the Sweet Bird Sang

Jason Paul Fox
An Ecstatic Nightmare A Smile of Bone

Rich Furman
The best years Boldly going nowhere
Broke Final curtain
A nightmare that never should have been written No poems, no peace
Wayang What I thought about looking out the window as a kid

Sara Gaffney-Gilbertson
The Apple Tree Bloomed My Silence
Peering through Zoo Bars The Power Is in Me
The Sound of Alone

Ray Gallucci
Assault Denouement
Earthworms Flown the Coop
"Four" Cast Phased Out
Prey Tell Replay at Infinity
Reunion Uncertainty

Tony Gallucci
The Hum of High Wires Melissa in the Year of Nothing Else to Do
Sometimes Suicide Is Not Enough

Izabel Sonia Ganz
Haiku for Four Seasons Hueing the Eye
A Life, Wasted Quitting Time

Joseph Garner
Amnion, allantois, chorion The cast
Echo forever Eight reasons to call Paris
The eyes have it Tell the graphologist, tell the FBI

Ricky Garni
1.22 Ode, Written on 5.23 Coffin
Lazy Bones of Boston poetry
Thelnt & Shin

Daniel Garrett
Night Came A Remembrance of Class
We confused intensities

Joseph Gartrell
If This, Then That Just Turned 16: The Waif's In The Kitchen With His Girlfriend And He's In Love
Motherless Mama's Boy

Emma Alvarez Gibson
2:45 Dismissal And a Fighter by His Trade
The Early Show Never

Jamie Lynn Gilbert
Cynthia Declaration
Kait Magenta Mood
Prisoner of Elm Street, Apt. 6A

jj goss
Elimination Escapism
Leave of Absence Wedding Function

Candy M. Gourlay
Eighteenth Day Elegy Jazz at Four a.m.
Pieces of Agony

Taylor Graham
471 Booth Street Care Giving and Taking
Field Notes, 31 Jul Meltdown
Music-in-Fusion Tuesday 4:59 A.M.
Two Orders of Menudo Wake Up

Andrea Grant
Associate Genetica
It's Like I'm Not Even There

Daniel Green of Florida
Aging Memory Big Bang
Big Talk Bucephalus
Cinderella Concert in the Park
Epizootic Eyebrows Raised
The Glance Gorgon
Hell's Kitchen 1916 Interval of Mortality
Making Love Minnie
Near Thing in Chitwan Nightmare
Pelagic Garden: Eleuthera Papua New Guinea
Sartorials Sound Effects
Stigmata A Tattered Hat

John Grey
Bowery Country of the Blind 2
Foxy Lady Frog 4
No Reflection That First Time
Wake Up When she found out about him

Paul Grillo
Broken Moons, Neon Echoes The Fruits of the Harvest
Schindler's Fist This Kingdom Without Dawn

Chaya Grossberg
Imagine a very dark room Light hits my heart
Light hits my heart and the thin branches with the same promise Water
With invisible strength and dull knives under a bright light WOW

Gabor G. Gyukics
Down, Around New York Mourning
Private Dead Slow Burning
When They Found Me Dead

Carissa Halston
The Small-Winged Angel

Al Hamblen
Alku Critique This
She's a Kind and Gentle Person With Apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd

Annalynn Hammond
Funktionslust Instructions for a Desert Walk
Love Calls for Horns and Bullets On Discovering the Bones of a Deer in the Woods I am Immediately Elated
Snappers What Pus Does to Us
When It's Good

Joe Hart
Ars brevis Caroline's Poem
Dead Poets Society Drunk
George, my love Incubus
Liebestod The next morning
On George's other friends A short poem about George and me

Mark Hartenbach
absolom blues confirmation day
even the sparrows are calling for my head i cannot hear america trying to sing
let's not talk about suffering pentecostal thud
prayer wheels, hoops of fire & big fat zeros right now
schizophrenia taoist head on a stick
the thirteenth passion

John R. Harford
Elixir Ghosts
The Prophet

Jonathan Hayes
99.9% absinthe
Acoustic Sunrise 104.5 FM and now
Arles Bent
The Bottom Line Cobb
Crack Crippled Boy
Diabolical drivel unprivileged on a ledge holding onto her while looking at mean black birds and proletarian gray birds splashing our language with afternoon pond wetness while cooling off and making a beakment by the Japanese rock garden on a campus which will remain known Godiva and Tiffany
Good Afternoon Harvest Moon
Klepto Therapy Natural Selection
On Getting Out of Bed On Telegraph Avenue
St. Paul Hotel Twenty Years
Victoria's Secret and Compact Disc Wasp and Apple Gargonzola Salad

rebekah hearn
across the world dinner conversation
just another red light a living pandora, bright and shiny
thoughts after spring break

Jason Hecker
The 100th Man Coyote v ACME
Decisions, Decisions Dirt
More Worthless Advice None for Me, Thanks
Ode to a Bunch of Dandelions Offensive Halfwit
Rejection Slips The Touch of God

David Hill
Adonis's Abdomen Announcement
Glad A quick lesson in English tenses

Eric Hoffman
Conversation Piece Evening News
Four Years War Fought Hard

Scott Holstad
arrest asking for it
Cloudy, but who cares? EST
Friendly Offer The Hell of it All
Hush Inside, ya...
Lisa Live With It
No More Mochas poems
Roller Coaster truths
The Words

Forrest Houlette
Americruiser The Capitol Holding Building, Louisville, Kentucky
The Pessimist Pulling
When Someone Is Where They Should Not Be Where to Sit at a Reading

Byron Howell
Body Worship with Shawn Liquia His Soft Hands
Love for Sale My Real Mother - The Bitch
Rocky Slightly Infatuated
Spanish Fly with Shawn Liquia The Spider and the Fly
Tossing the Salad

Christian Hughes
Chestnut Hill The Horse Shit Bar Mitzvah
The Importance of Seeing "Alf" Nashville Hotel Room
Your Only 24th Birthday

Tatiana Ivan
Coralie don't forget
I mostly mean while I dreamt

Maree Jaeger
Bleached. Little Pulses (for Chris)
Twilight Sketches

Dana Jerman
Boiling Chocolate Going into Velvet (audio only)
Non-Descript (audio only) Periling Sound (audio only)

Amsterdam And I no longer wonder that you might care
Autumn's Shroud Caballa
Come Closer Democracy, Whiskey, and Sexy
The "Ground Zero Workers for Peace" sign i am the person for whom
I Missed the War Ishot
Memorial Day, USA Presents for Hitler [Y"S]
Recipe Shema
streetcar tracks Timing=Everything
tue tou et reveneras seul Yet Another Leo Frank Piece

Shane Jones
Back Beauty of Speech
the blade shines in Blue Birds
False Cathedrals Florida
Getting Creative Hours
I Was the Last One in March and all year long
Not So Perfect Old Sport

Richard Jordan
Jesus in the Psych Ward The Poet Boasts to the Guys in the Weight Room
The Poet Runs Over a Cat The Poet's First Burial

Robert E. Jordan
Beloved Auntie Ann Buggy in America
Forty Watts Get it Here at K&A
The Interview Joe's Not Your Mother
Lord Jesus and the Housebreakers A Trip to Soupy Island

Lisa Juntunen
boyfriend Met at a party.
Mother Things to Tell My Therapist in Session Today:

Katie Kadue
Crazy Edelweiss
Last Half-Mile

Britta Kallevang
the end of it comes i am the sun and the cause
someone has touched the moon there was the strangest noise

Marie Kazalia
(always waiting for something to happen) Belonging
correspondence Flies sucking off my finger-prints
a heavy afternoon nap I don't tell people...what inspires me most--
Indianapolis my spider TV garden
the serrated edge unfaithful

W. B. Keckler
Icy Open Dig
Relative Thought You Ask Why

Ward Kelley
Akhetaten Annie Easily Unraveled
Black Man Lynching Back Celtic Warrior
A Daemon Hesitates at the Waters Eaten Up by Wolves
The Enigma of Grace Gyros and Chemicals
Holocausts The Jerusalem of Our Earthly Souls
My Greatest Enemy Negative Confirmation
Souls Always Striving The Starting Gun for Joan
A Startlement A Temple Prostitute Suggests to Titus
When Hormones Fade Where Death Will Jump
Whispers William Searches for the New Place

Debbie Kirk
I Always Hit on the Wrong Guys Narcotics and Knives
Prozac Infomercial That bitch of yours

Andrew King
as in an action against somebody misunderstanding #5
mr vibraphone

Andrey Kneller
Adam and Lilith The Backbone Flute, a new translation of Vladimir Mayakovsky
A Cloud in Trousers, a new translation of Vladimir Mayakovsky The Demon
Draw in the Smoke Her fingers fall from the keys...
I've Lost You... New York
People The Pianist
Reflect me as I am... Reflections on existence
Revolution Sad Eyes
Separation To Pilate
This Love Venice

Alec Kowalczyk
Advance of Night Broken Blossoms
Conspiracy Theory Decibel
Emergo The End of the Road
Flicker Haunted
Kinescope MacGuffin
Ripple Sun Image Sliding Down
Tactile in Technicolor

Karl Koweski
the daisy chain of marital doom disco jawa
entrepreneuership of fools The Hot Plate
how did they know to preserve Abraham Lincoln's birthplace but destroy mine in the kingdom of the scribes the online bard is king
kick me I'm Polish the one minute manager
pure stank Retaliation
Sackless Jack Saves Christmas for the Carmelite Kids Spaghetti Noodle
stop thirty second paradise
women I'll never fuck in places I'll never visit

Allison Kramer
Carousel help me... whoever/whatever
Never In-Between The Potter & the Clay

Clubs and Pimps corina
I Wrote This on a Pink Napkin Post
Singular Momentum

David Krump
A Gardens Preposed
Rodenkirchen Steady, Center

Christopher Kuhn
Fuck TV Masturbating Terrorist

Donna Kuhn
21 blue moon things 3 Alethea at Disneyland (3) with Alethea Eason
Alethea's Mermaid (5) with Alethea Eason ant storm
baby toys bayou machine
black tears with Amy Trussell blind jello
blue hair moon (2) brilliant
burning armchair circus head
cold rain crumbs of my blue
darkness of stairs with Amy Trussell edit this
egyptian liposuction e-mail rant 3
e-mail rant 4 fire tower with Amy Trussell
furniture lips how you are trees
looked up mattress weather
mr. absurd mr. crayons
my way around nigeria blue
Queen of Fire (2) with Alethea Eason red plastic mystic fish ladle
ripping wildflowers roses trine with Amy Trussell
sandpaper childhood shiver to birds
some girl tongue paint with Dennis Formento
vampire soup with Lena Kuhn war planes (3)
the way winter speaks you want her to know

Lena Kuhn
Vampire Soup with Donna Kuhn

Helen Lambert
birdland interwoven roots
Path of an Idea Shahariel: Awaiting the Sun

Ruth Latta
Bag Hell? Country Dance
On the third anniversary of her mother's death Put the Lid On

Michael Leary
Sex, in a Board Game Box Too Much
Trypanasoma Cruzi

Marie Lecrivain
Brotherhood of the grasshopper Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau
Filthy Lucre F---ing in Sidereal Time
Post-modern breakup poem Sacre

Kurt Lee
1054 11o2
8 poems and
asylum rum battered joy bucket
breath cabbage halves
cuntpoem dawn
dedicated to nicholas morgan, or, emmetsville derision
existential buddhism find
first communion Gorrister
gunk hand
hashhead in a hotel room HEROIN ADDICTED SLUTS (a comedy)
humiliating dirge ideas
i'm out of weed justified
a killing Lard Umbrella
lensebrain lip
lid life will begin one of these days
lis long
Nail Soup new orleans spleen
on open finger bowls
pages pearshapes
pipefoot requiem for andy warhol
sept 27 shirtless night
short short 2
spade bourbon statement
they three
vaporub virgin scenes
walking down the street, he met another. will

Terrance Leightner
Christmas Eve in Trailerville duct tape drapes
the fight how was your day?
trailerpark monks typer as adversary

Yangfa Leow
Bad Trickery Ecstasy
Ea How Glad
Quiet Solitude

Antifreeze Below the Belt
Eurydice Executioner
Foxhole Intermediary
Pandora Pillow Talk
Phoenix Principle of Quintessence
Re-Run Seattle Dumps
Severance Spectre
Succuba Taking the Field
Transient Water Drains Clockwise

James Lineberger
Dry Run Eva
Does No One at All Ever Feel this Way in the Least don't post so much
Final Solution The Game
Her Sister's Keeper Hiroshima
Little Brown Lies Lovey and Pussy Attend an Evening at Miss Barney's, the rue Jacob, Paris, May, 1923
lucina a man's home
May Day '44 Patti Smith Takes a Meeting with Stanley Bard
Spring Fever Uri
We Shall All Be Changed What It Is Is
Your Mother Poem, the One You Said You Lost

Stella Link
Burgandy Static Justice
Orchestrated Symphony of Independent Thought Stained
Subconsious Artesian Superstition Mountain
Universal Truths

Shawn Liquia
Body Worship with Bryon Howell Spanish Fly with Bryon Howell

Duane Locke
Cemetery Under the Pines Confession of Stra Schrag, No. 4
The Examined Life For a Girl with White Gold Hair who center Only Her Shirt on a Stuffed Chair
Poem for My One-Legged Lover, the Wine Glass, No. 51 Poem for My One-Legged Lover, the Wine Glass, No. 53
Poem for My One-Legged Lover, the Wine Glass, No. 54 The Power of Prayer
Statue Transformation

Ellaraine Lockie
The Affair Delayed Reaction
Divine Intervention Hand-Me-Down
Impasse Menopausal Mythology
Mimicry Old Lady Lesbian

Karen Lodge
August Heat Small Affair

A. Loudermilk
Crooked County (at The Bluebird with You) El Diablo Nuevo
Murderer's Prayer Rags in a Row (a Lesson in Plumbing
Three Ways (and Sixteen Personalities

Annie M
accept fate already Accountability is calling to claim a name
Aesthetic All I want for Christmas is my two frontal lobes removed
another nothing Bin Laden Ruined My Credit
a boy in the city the briars.
Broken Ear Drum Observations at the Train Crossing coffee
the collective consciousness coming going
domestic bliss faceless nameless
flesh free in misery
future experiencer Keepin' it in the family
happy ending he's just another suicide case, really it's nothing to worry about
his girlfriend's the devil and his best friend's a bad queen stereotype Horrible Part
how a dumb bitch gets the blues memo to self
memory lane mom
morphine music
Neurontin Blues observation in 4 parts
one day in the life of Revamped
rim lip s
signs of weakness skip it
so i fucked another guy today Some Piece of Shit this Is
Stories for small children Strive
surgical paranoia Theme on a letter to Craig
Untitled is a stupid name for a poem wake up call from the zombies
Waushol what i say in silence
where you can send the letter wrap your mind around this

Brian McCandless
The Littlest Nazi My Love Is Nature's Newest Way of Turning Sunshine into Shit
Rainbow Army

Mairi McClave
Confessing The Good Girl
Old People Music

Paul D. McGlynn
Classic Tradition Love's Plague
Nights with Melody Sweet: With Flies

Seth Tosi McMillan
5 am from Good Hock
I can't go to sleep the last of the laughers laughs last
The People Started Glowing Pressure Shutters
Rippling Hill Slaphappy
zero zippo

Michael McNeilley
Another Way of Singing As the Moon Sets, the Stars Return
Cannonball Cold September
Hear You in My Sleep Here You Are
Hitler Didn't Die More Music Please
Sonata for One String Tiramisu
To See Without Light Work

Roberta McQueen
Ask Any Angel Brief Introspection
Bubble Wrap Mania Little Red Moccasins
Tune in Tomorrow

Joey Madia
Animalwear Oragon

Peter Magliocco
beneath smoke & sculpture directions for a hijacked videoplay
Frequent Flyer Blues Hot Water Muzak
inamorata of the desert into the tracks
Of a Vision in the Anne Frank House over the limit
prayers, or sacrifice

Michelle Maihiot
About Love Best Friend
Black Men Full Moon Motherhood

Prasenjit Maiti
2003 Calcutta Oh Calcutta!
Cold Collation In the Season of Winter
Sound of Silence White Diamonds

Scott Malby
American Graffiti cultural Evolution: Bulletin #1
God, are you listening?

Joy H. Mann
Kodiak Nights In White Satin and Other Musical Arguments
Sybil: Aged 3 Tattoo in a Mirror

Adrian Manning
Black days It is the minor victories...
sickness A solution of sorts
The Wait Wake from the dream
What it really is what to do with historic intimacy

David Matthews
Dream # 18723 Dream # 18724
Dream # 18726

Rochelle Hope Mehr
Along the Information SuperHighway And the water shed...
Below Ground Zero Chronic Illness
Coping Dear Poet:
The Detachment Double Negative
The Light Within The Misdiagnosis-and-Mistreatment Lament
Missing Morning
The Mourn nowhere to hide
Om The Poet's Ongoing War
Prayer in Time of War Premonition in the Mental Hospital
Requiem The Scar
The Scent of Breath Scrutiny
sine qua non This Can't Be a Poem
The Unburdening

Corey Mesler
Chronogram From My Porch an Intercession
The Lyn Lifshin Cardboard Pyrex Harmonica Blues Our Surrealist Home

Joyce Metzger
After the Rapture Esto es lo Verdadero
The Ultimate Abuse Who the Hell Ever Heard of a Sand-Etched Toilet?

Alex Milgore
The Ability to Earn Behind Each Other
Career Opportunities Congratulations
Conversations with Strangers Debate then Contemplation
even if you don't make it. the experiment
The Hanging Mezzanine Locals
Looking for Pessoa Maternal Love
Why Not Make of Me a God? Wrestling the Public

Jay Miner
a common phobia A quickie isn't nearly enough
Taking a swig from the beyond

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
I'm eating eggs in bed while you sleep On Discovering My Dead Body

Joseph Mishler
Breakwater Pitch
Portrait of Myself in First Marriage Under Canvas

Steve Mitchell
Desire I talked with my matrix the other day
I watched the Poet Laureate on T.V. the other night In the Fairy Playground
It Was Blackest Night

Nicholas Morgan
Those Nightmares.. the yelp's

R. R. Mullen
An Approximation of Shit

J. B. Mulligan
Apple Frastus but he keeps on trying
but you can't lay it out for the dog the Constitution
the Dannun Dwann Express Frastus recapitulates phylogeny, whilst and at the same time juggling his skull
the Mask of Frastus the seventh plague is Frastus
the zoo

Christopher Mulrooney
after the phalanx cinquains for Coalinga Jct.
a dry poem Howling
mad about the something sparklers in the net
three views of Mt. Whitney tuchas offen tisch
You have a new order

Leslie Maryanne Neal
After Reading "Williams-Sonoma: A Catalog for Cooks, January 1999" The Dream
Eat Me FYI
Walking to the Car

J. D. Nelson
adventure team try-outs tomorrow amazing pace
big nice nasty bone marrow brownies
Daze Inn deserted isle
laundry list for x-ray clowns (version) moonshine nightmare
packaged meat police teeth
psychedelic viking helmet rat salad
the red fish goat mask re-creation of the self
stone face, tongue of dust theme for a dog
there I was w/ a 2-for-1 taco coupon time bone / time bomb
we're born wet What It Is

Kimberly Nichols
Blood Headache Madison Avenue Migraine

B. Z. Niditch
1939 1940
After the Beats Assyria
Boston: New Year Civil War
Dusk in Jerusalem Fall Guy
Into Darkness Jerusalem Hour
Jerusalem Morning Levin in Georgia
November Occupation
Proust Some Children are Frightening
St. Patrick's Day A Thousand Years in One Minute
Want Ad With Weeping

Dave Nordling
Center Exquisite
The Mad State

Joseph O'Leary
The Bare Essentials The Benefits of Home Schooling
For New York Post Millennium Depression
Prime Mover Sunrise, Portland Maine

Carolyn Ogburn
How to Rest with Margo Solod Red with Margo Solod
What You've Taught Me About Temperature with Margo Solod

Ben Ohmart
Deals with the Devil Help The Drive Home
I Need Grass Stain Approval on Aisle... Moses Saw Me
Our Pricing Plans Two Sisters' Thoughts as they Plummet to Hell
Your Priest Your Problems Zoot

Cari Oleskewicz
Enswamped I AM
Incapable One Night Stand
Shadows Ski Trip

Vladimir Orlov
Caged Respite The Dead Truck on Russian Fields
I Will Send My Message Collect The Marble Tomb to Crown Life
Millenia Ago The Red Square in Red-Dawn Dreams
A Silent Chorus of Anguish This is a Cage

Laurence Overmire
Barking Up My Tree Madonna's Lullabye
No Control Who Knows Why

Brent M. Parker
Anxious Angel Bad Words
Ev'rybody Ought to Have an Agent F R E E D O M Fountain
I want my poetry... Impatient with Impatience
The Insatiable Poet In the Unlikely Event
Least Favorite Flavor Lessons of the Far West
Life in the Ashtray Heaven's Helldog
The Musnake Novel-In-Progress
OCD Speaks - Thousands Listen Pear-Mango Passion Shampoo
Soliloquy of a Malfunctioning Coke Machine Sound Off
The Third in an Unplanned Series of Milk Poems The Un-War
Urban Unicorn Walking the Line (The Spine) of Loneliness
Weird Werewolf

Nora Peevy
Mama's Boy The New Rites

Ivan Peledov
ancient and ever young being a semifish
cessation of the sound father sky
giant grasshoppers hawks catch
horses afraid of grass run down the night road
Silly Pagan Songs smear cow dung on your nose
sovereign of crazy dollies

Jonathan Penton
After Everything's Over After the madness of the 20th Century
An airport in a strange city All you fuckers seem confused on this minor point:
Alright And I Am Still Naked
And in that Moment ANXIETY (a chant)
Ash Ask Yourself
Better That We Not Bullshit
Careful Careful A certain shade of lipstick
Cleansing Color Is a Fiction
Controversy? Dear Laurie
December 30th Dichotomy
Discourse with Oneself Do you define yourself
Don't Let Me Give You a Title Don't Tell Me
Don't you fucking tell me down
E Everybody's Favorite
Family History A Final Manifesto
First Day of Autumn God and I Sat Down for Poker and Chess
God Is a Can of Zyklon-B Growing Old
I Can Do this Better Drunk I Decided to Spend the Night
I Don't Care What You've Heard I Have a Fantasy
I Have a Knife I Need a Mantra
I once made a list I Only Want a Taste
i see snow I Want to Kiss the Lips of a Girl
I Want to Tear out Your Tongue If Nothing Really Matters
If Your Dick Feels Cold I'm very busy today
In a Hot Atlanta February In the End
Independence It took years
it's not that i don't like your lies Jim Morrison Blues
Joan of Arc Knowledge kills faith
Laptops at the Coffee Shop Let Us Pray
The Librarian, Twenty Years Later, in a More Public Place Lithium
Lucky Isaac McNamara, Huh?
Mail for the Dead Message
The Next Situation Never Write a Poem about a Poem
The Night Is Rather Warm No disrespect
Not to cheapen the experience Nothing
On Unity Once upon a time
Plums Portrait of an Artist, No Longer a Young Man
Post-Coital Depression Predictability
A Quick Read saying Yes is the greatest of privileges
Sins Small Comments
Staring into the Fire Stillness
Temple There Were Almost Tears
There's a Layer of Darkness Beneath the First These Roses Are My Excuse
This is the Type of Loneliness This Is Where It Gets Tricky
This Much Grief I Do Not Believe A thought, lost to me
To Sink Slowly, You Need Tonight my book is meaningless
Virginia Woolf Wait
Waiting A war
Watching You Say Goodbye We Are Building a New Dominion
We Were Younger Then What can I do but scream
What Do You What Holy Rite
When did you lose When I Am Frightened
When she paints Why Stop There
The Worst Nightmares Are Dreams of Hope Written on the occasion of the marriage of friends
You are nothing without patience You bleed me 'til I'm cold
You Look Like a Toy to Me You might
Your peasants are in revolt again

Adam Pepper
Hit the Heavy Bag Infomercial
The Weird Little Joint

Simon Perchik
All the pieces must be found, make And the long march calling home the dead
At night you can tell the stones I breathe across and the sun
I run my fingers, favor granite The rain is slower at airports
This apple still warm Where is the poison
You bark as if a knock You can still make out the waterfall

Ashley Phillips
Bloom Conversation with You
Father's Day

Lew Phillips
Correspondence I got lost somewhere outside the world and I can't get back in.
Ode to a Goat The Sun Is My Shadow
Waterfront Property Wilderness

Jeffrey James Piering
lowball, lowbrow, and lowenbrau rhapsody in black

Sirrus Poe
Bad Thoughts Change the Color of Your Brain Christine Is No Longer Breathing
Chocolate Filled Twinkie Lonely Fish Without Oxygen

Jason Polecheck
A Night Like Tonight The Real Story of Creation
The Way that I Miss You

Joan Pond
Ad Infinitum Addend or Addendum
Alone Asphyxiation
Beggardly Boxes The Bitter End
Blind Faith Can't Let Go
Continually Deadened Dear Santa:
End of Season Sale Excalibur
Furniture Gone Bad Gauging Priorities
Genealogy His Standards
A Howling Wilderness Irrevocably Broken
Is He Contagious?? It's Twins
Left to their own devices... Milford Beach
Never Quite Fitting New York City in Winter
No Man Not Forthcoming
Ode to Elvis Old Hat
On Being the Hired Help Optokinetics
Re-Counting Beijing Recalling a Voice
Relativity Remaining Clueless
S Scent of Solace
Scratching the Surface She Knew Something
A Single Step Sitting Shiva
Spring Cleaning Social Skills
Still-Borne Such Gentility
That Old School Spirit This I Could Understand
Under an Embargo Undermine
Until Now Vacuous
What Am I Doing Here?? What Could Be
What He Recalls Your Lack of Sensitivity

Elisha Porat
Building Partner A Cracked Statuette
Guardian Angel A Haunted Poet
Koalas in Hadera Woods Lesson in Geology
The Lost Son Migrating Birds
Old Age Proud Heartworm
Retirement A Short Farewell Letter
Status Report Strange Snow
Three Colors Without a Eulogy

Patrick Porter
1st Street 2nd Street
3rd Street 5th Street
6th Street 9th Street
12th Street 14th Street
25th Street City Lullabye in 3's
Designated Driver Ecstasy Porter
Elgin Observation
Observation 2 Pay Telephone
Red Five Radio Raton Towers
September Tower

Leah Presser
Sidewalk Tragedy

James Quinton
Hell It will never matter how much aftershave you put on
jazz, the soundtrack to the evening last words
midnight drive Thick as Thieves
unexpected walking home after a night out

in the years since my demise
moms and ladies get mixed up so you forgot a little

Marissa Ranello
Evade epitaph
Five Hour Booty Call FlatLine
Sardonic Broken Angel Shaolin Mexicano Manifesto
Staten Island Ferry Unraveling Blue Afghan

Phil Rockstroh
disconsolate bargaining under the mercilessly sober sky A Gift During Wartime
The Legacy of Mr. P The Old Gods Visit Brooklyn

Randall Karlen Rogers
Blind Cheese box head
Fucker's got tits Imagine
Morphine and Straight Alcohol Mystic's Last Dance
PiPs Snakebite!

Stephanie Rogers
18 Candles and an Eraser Fathers, Teach Your Daughters How to Dance
My Mother's Nipples

Linda Rosenkrans
Booty Call Enceinte
His Glasses Hurricane Hellana
Hyena Lush on Lewers St.
Midway Maiden Opiates
Plant in a Pot Principles Before Personalities
Repairing a Cracked Nut Unconcsious
Vegetarian Nightmare Virginia Slims
What Was Your Name?

T. S. Ross
American Smelting and Refining Company at first you were
East on Montana I first met Death when I was three
My mother is dead Never
That morning Voice of Jay, Recollection in the : #1
Voice of Twain: A Broken Haiku

Jane Butkin Roth
Bull Fine Lines
Honk If You're My Daddy

Michael Rothenberg
August 22 Lindsay's Book
October 20, 1999

Jenn Rubi
bygones poesia
On my way to New York City 4/11/95

Keeley Rusek
crosses, swords, hands Derision
Junkie Love Movement

David W. Rushing
Cleaning Day I Can Remember

Suzanne Ryan
Another Cowboy Song In Between the Pages
Le Sacré Rêve

Donald Ryburn
Ancestral Mornings Ancient Call
Buster Brown Princess Butterfly
Cunnilingus with a Shade Heri

Melvin Sandberg
Accept the Inevitable All Hallow's Eve
Autumn Barter
The Birds' Chorus The Birth of the Sun
Burger King is Down the Street Call of the Woodlands
The Carriage Horse The Changes of Time
The Dancer Death on the Prairie
Death on the Road The Devil's Gift
The Diagnosis The Difference a Suffix Can Make
The Difference between a Recession and a Depression Doctor Knowitall
The Doctor, the Chief, the Teacher, the Thief Echoes of Madness
The Eclipse The Elusive Cadence
The English Test Envy Is the Foe of Honor
Even Republicans Can Fall in Love Fate
The Flying Horse The Fox Hunt
Halloween The Harvestor
Historians and Prophets History
A Hobson's Choice Hope and Fear
How Aloysius Learned to Fly The Hungry Sea
The Kiss of Death Korean War Bride
The Lawyers Got the Money Lightning and Joe
Little Bird The Long Forgotten Art
The Masquerade Maybe
Metamorphosis The Mighty Ocean
Misplaced Trust Night
Night Song The Omnipotent Gourmet
Once Around is Enough The Orphan Foal
The Philandering Breeze The Philanthropist
Precursors of War Proverbs
The Question The Race
A Reasonable Man Rendezvous
The Runaway Rocket Self-Scrutiny
Smile Snowball
A Soldier's Dream Stalingrad
The Stolen Horse A Stranger at the Dance
A Sunset a Plum and Dawn Teach Them to Think
The Tell Tale Jewel The Things I Should Have Done
To Ann The Tsunami
Turnips and Travelers An Unintended Offense
A View from the Heights Wanderlust
War of the Navels Watching the Moon
When Pussycat Went to the Ball When Walking with a Fool
When We Were Young Who Were They

Behlor Santi
The Radio

Tobias Seamon
The Golem Envisions His Origins

L. B. Sedlacek
Alexandra's Wreck The Ballad of Frankie Silver
Gone Missing Third Shift in a Furniture Factory

Paul E. Sexton 3
Dead Legs 2 Dhammkitty
Freaky Head Had Burned Bright
High Rent, Three Rings Jett Black
JIMBO More Stupid
Mythic Journey New Release
The Novelist Oak Cliff Tale
The Reckoning Samsara Afternoon
Sticks and Stones Waiting by the Watershed

Matthew Shugart
the only two feared men put to use
this is as close to the end thoughts from the roof of an eight floor parking garage
thoughts from the roof of an eight floor parking garage Winter

Paul Sibley
Curly Poured Me a Shot Hang Me on a Cross
Her Skin Was Soft I Grasped for Nothing
I Pulled My Collar I Want to Raid Your Life
Seven Standoff

Sam Silva
Gray Days That Blossom A Less than Tragic Circumstance
The Tropical Heat which Abuelo Feels for Abuela as an Artist and a Woman Watching the Fire Die

Jennifer Skerrett
DNR - Do Not Resuscitate Invisible
jealousy Stay Forever
Why am I Here You are a gift I hold too tightly

Eric Smiarowski
Anti-Hero Easter Eve
An Ego Fart Pulled Pork Manifesto
Purging Negativity This Will Happen
Waiting Writer's Disgust

Glenn Smith
my pretty head Salvation Vendor
Textures X

Jason Snyder
March 14th 3:30 am

Margo Solod
Bodies in Motion, At Rest Confession
Credo How to Rest with Carolyn Ogburn
Red with Carolyn Ogburn What You've Taught Me About Temperature with Carolyn Ogburn

Dallas Spires
My New Life September to January
Where All This Started Who Didn't Know that it Could Go this Far?

David Christian Stanfield
The Artist, frustrated Doing It Again
First Kiss Junk Drawer
Hyper-Regularity Intimidation
Holiday Job Mark It
Miracle Mourning
On the Eve of My Sentencing The Plays of Our Lives
Putting Some Miles On Sanity
Sometimes Stopping Traffic
Superimposition Worth the Weight

Edward Michael O'Durr Supranowicz
Another Lie The Bunny Ate the Basket
Father Rick Says (Homily #3) Father Rick Says (Homily #4)
A Kite in the Rain One Should Never Drink Alone

John Sweet
between beauty and pain between words and the fear of words
bloodbath smile the body dissected, the cancer laid bare (early)
broken Camus
found poem, five years too late hiroshima and everything after
i am hoping to find myself numbered among the living meditation for an escaped mother
moving towards zero my future
notes on escape an obvious thing done without the apparition of christ
on the occasion of atrocities committed in the name of freedom pilate
poem in metamorphosis quiet song, early afternoon
second attempt with a fading hangover sister
a small blessing the sun reflected
the sweet smell of junkie housewives swimming and drowning
writing poems for the bones of burning widows

Daniel Wray Swesey
Buddha Mystia Isn't this Wrote in White Ink
Why Creation

Royce Sykes
The Angelic Temple of Deliverance Confessions at the Bar
Death Most Likely Dry Spell
Euclid Street Shadows In Stark Morning Light
In the Queue for Autumn In the Window of Left Bank Books
The Loop Meet Me in the Dark
Rhythm of the Dryer Drums Schoolyard Memories along Kings Highway
Signs and/or Wonders Stud's Lament
Survivor's Cache Watching Her Watching
Watching the Rain Dance Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Doug Tanoury
August Rain Blue & Purple & Scarlet Stuff
Lazy Geometry Molten Calf

Bang! You're Dead The Color of Dusk
Dark the death of genna clark
Hush naked trees are the worst
the part you don't see in this photo the (st)art of madness
Through a Rip Unencumbered

Lorette C. Thiessen
A Day in the Life Everything Tastes Like Crack
The Imbecile

Terry Thomas
The Bed Witch Firewood Mornings
He Ran Up a Tree Hold On, Hattie
Lost in the Woods The Treehouse

Chrystina Tobey
Constant Simple
This Type of World

Jai Truesdale
carnival adoration i got five
the taste you left to form traces
the way it just goes

Amy Trussell
black tears with Donna Kuhn darkness of stairs with Donna Kuhn
fire tower with Donna Kuhn roses trine with Donna Kuhn

Paul Truttman
Degenerate Devil's Angel
Golden Years Hitchhiker
In the Presentation Nobody Home
Seen As One

Sean Underwood
ditch weed overture in c flat

Sam Vaknin
Cutting to Existence Fearful Love
Getting Old A Hundred Children
I Need to Know You Miracle of the Kisses
The Old Gods Wander Prague at dusk
Prowling Selfdream
Snowflake Haiku Tableaux (on Van Gogh)
When you wake the morning

Derick Varn
Amongst My Swans Another Weapon in Venus's Armory
Athens, GA; January 1999 Awaiting Spring
BBQ Chicken Stand: Poem After My Death from Choking Beyond the Valley of Faces
Breathing Burning Airliners Remind Me of Patriotism
Cabbages with a Boy Whose Name Has Left Me Creating the World, et al.
De Anima Death Wears Red Panties
Deus Vult! Dirge
Disregarded on Your Floor Fertility Rituals
Fewer Love Poems Written Film
Flirting at a Small Time Store Foreign Concepts
Grim Laughter Hardcore
He Drew Bitter I Fancy Myself a Dharma Lion
I Have Souvenirs Within Her? I Sit Defending the Illusion of Me
Informal Tactics Laughing Mouths and Dancing Girls
Let the Wisdom Choke You Love in Subtle Words
Loving Conversation Me into I
My Feminine Love The Naming Ceremony
Objectivity Packaged Affection
Pathos in the Blue Sky A Poem Bathing in the Mississippi River
A Poem Eating Itself A Poem for the Supermen
A Poem Reciting to Bohemians A Poem Talking to Its Creator
Portrait of an Eye A Prairie in Summer
A Red Flower The Satyrs
Scrapbooks [Seasons and Ghosts: Both Are Solemn]
Seppuku She's on Canvas
Slap Me A Smile
Society: Empathy from Man Sophia and the Heathen
The Speed of Thought Staring at the Abyss
Styx The Sun
A Sutra for a Dying Smile La Tabula Rasa
This Is Sort of My Goodbye to You To a Sleepless Poet
Tonight in Bright Lights and Slick Moves Tricked by a Word
A Trickle, A Bleeding Twisted
Vino Blanco Vocabulary of Touch
Word Virus Wyrd: Grendel's Lament

Nathan Versaw
I fill my flask with problems I've lost something
Numerically inane

Lee Vowell
Bon Scott in London Ty Cobb, 1911
Willy Loman Dad

Jennifer Waller
Altered Ancient
Anticipation Blood
Drowned Go
The Horror I never did the drugs
I saw a man with no hands I Want
I Would Bring You Oceans The Importance of Hands
Intent Like statues we stand
Lines Love Is Not
Lover Never Forget
Our days were measured in cigarettes Pondering on Being Your Christ
Pact Persistence of Vision
Sheets Spin
This morning I woke to a memory

Jennifer Warren
The Consistency of Waterfalls Property of Goodwill
Sorrow Brings Me Old Dog Bones Stringy Finger Dance

Matthew Wascovich
Are/Our Career Electrical Car Crash
Knife on the Desk Lay Dead
Month Dirt Sock Laundry School of Blatant Memorial
There Are No Fathers in Heaven

J. Watters
biology lesson (solicitation) i'm tired of writing poetry
justification made to feel dirty
nude 2 nude 4
supermarket madness secret
show me the difference six of one, half-a-dozen of the other
to jon-benet ramsey: virgin
we've got all these dogs when i was eighteen

Michael Wendling
Dawn at the Salzgitter/Bad Station Endzeitstimmung
France 3, Brazil 0 Who's Afraid of the Atom Bomb?

Kelley White
Contrition I hope it will be quiet tonight
Michael, three Mina
Reincarnation Schedule
When I sleep

Lee Widing
Crimson Happy
Mood Somefunhuh

Lori Williams
Epiphany at Thirteen The Hollywood Fable That Ruined Me
Penny Wise Perpetuity

Justin Wilson
A lot of dogs Port Sleepers
A simple recipe for happiness

Leonore Wilson
The Beach The Cage

Don Winter
Marcella's Fantasy House Saturday Night Desperate
Strip Bar: Hamtramck What's Left

Lisa Witkowski
After the Fact Chelsea

J. Kevin Wolfe
Bach Was Not a Mathematician (Bela Siki) Bosnian Coffee
The Bubble (res(ent moons
The Curious People do they?
Drown Out Dusk, My Love
For the Perfume God's Imagination
Junior Samples Liberty Had Che Guevara in a Headlock
Lover's Season Miss de Milo's Fat Shoulders
Paper Ballots Picasso's Dora Maar and the Village Idiot
the prospective model Silk Yarn Sweater
There Is Anarchy in the Summerfields Time Hates Love
The Tragedy of a Rose Two Deaths
With These Hands I

Christopher Woods
The Blind Masseur Mountain Folk

Steve Youmans
Freezing in Summer Good

Michael B. Zack
Costa Rica New Zealand Photos

Rania Zada
Common Currency Fool-Shoot
Look Here, Goddammit

Lisa Marie Zaran
All That Matters Concealment
Diminishing Fairing
Hello HEY MR.
In Passing Listen
Marriage Is a Twin Box Paperback Days
Reflections On A First Date Self Esteem
Table Scraps The Terrible of Some
There I Was You Could Just Kill Him

Nina Zivancevic
At the Frick Charges
If Royal Chase