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B. Z. NIDITCH dances to that crazy Casbah sound

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe stories of B. Z. Nidich that we present here are largely told from a strange, skewered, first person perspective. The stories focus on cultural misunderstandings and bizarre environments. Each of them presents a main character, a slice of time, and challenges you to make sense of the character's experiences. The resulting stories are fascinating and dynamic, leaving us with more questions than answers.

B. Z. Niditch is a poet, playwright and teacher. His work appears in Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry, Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Art, The Literary Review, Denver Quarterly, International Poetry Review, Hawaii Review, Prism International, France's Le Guepard, and the Czech Republic's Jejune. He will soon be featured in The New Novel Review. A new collection of his poetry, Crucifixion Times, has just been published by University Editions. You can write to him at BZNiditch@webtv.net.

B. Z.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Civil War Fall Guy
New London Diary Fourplay
Myself Upper West
Left Out in the Rain All's Hell That Ends Well
Roadside Vision

Want Ad St. Patrick's Day
Into Darkness Soulwinner
Boston: New Year November
News from Childhood Exile

Joey, Jack and Jim The Good German
Freedom One Day in Paris' Grill
Closet Drama The Pink Triangle
With Weeping 1940
Levin in Georgia Proust
End of Days Penis Envy
Dusk in Jerusalem Jerusalem Morning
Occupation After the Beats
The Day Allen Ginsberg Died A Bird
Hard of Hearing Cold Soldier
Assyria A Thousand Years in One Minute
Memorial Jerusalem Hour
1939 Some Children are Frightening
Chances Are The Reichs
Talk Show A Matter of Life
Twin Hustle Where's Jake Smith?
The Watchman A Night Uptown
The Love House Surfer Stud
The Day Loretta Young Died The Surrogate
Independence Day Memorial Day
Body Parts The Pool
Namesake Three Gals

July 1999 - July 2000:
The Rascal Family
No Kidding Fortune
Wanted! Uptown
Services Temple Hopping
The Day Tennessee Williams Died Okechobee Boulevard