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Some Children are Frightening

1.    Speak for yourself.

2.    A boy in a skullcap.

3.    The century has made him mute.

4.    He is not blind, however.

5.    Facts are statistics for death.

6.    I've seen him in the diaspora.

7.    He is told not to talk to strangers.

8.    But he welcomes strangers.

9.    His name is Gershom.

10.   He is told not to be photographed.

11.   His image is with me.

12.   History fears the unknown.

13.   The boy was marked for crucifixion.

14.   Gershom knew colonization.

15.   He sensed the enlightenment.

16.   Gershom read Moses and Monotheism.

17.   Austria was central to his existence too.

18.   Jerusalem was central to the world.

19.   3768481

20.   The skullcap is removed.

22.   Other children are men.

23.   Amen.

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