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A Thousand Years in One Minute

Characters:	X

Scene:	A death camp

X:  You were arrested.

Y:  For being more than a chromosome.

X:  I was taken from my home.

Y:  On a march toward extinction.

X:  They killed me here for my gene.

Y:  You have a great gene pool.

X:  I believe in science.

Y:  Science can lead to life or death.

X:  Remember, speak softly in German.

Y:  I can speak in Yiddish.

X:  They are after us.

Y:  For no reason we go to the left or the right.

X:  Will we really be alive in 1945?

Y:  I'm a poet. I want to survive.

X:  We are being liberated, I hear.

Y:  That's understated.

X:  It's best not to speak.

Y:  Silence.

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