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i take a white car of cracked headlights covered with intestines
into the hallways of heaven with a confident smirk
into the halls of heaven with their empty picture frames
waiting for my bastard children to flee from their filmreels
a man called father handed me a butterfly knife and a charcoal pencil
and died without leaving me any specific instructions
now who fills my canvases?
who kills for me and leaves 
worthwhile scraps on the endless black & white checkered floors?
tentpoles collapse and outdated leeches drain summer for winter
to take in it's blue-gray paws and fondle as it shrinks
these are the jokes of hell
added to your office barbecue
fingermeat and tin dragons and no more punchlines
i see silver arms of a girl on a swing
bring me lord her armpit sweat mixed carefully with champagne
and bring me sweet, sweet things
after the hospital goodbyes with jello teeth
celebrity-endorsed softdrinks stripping paint from your car
i hunt in a strip-mall with an old bow and arrow 
for something that leaves a shadow 
and take a dime-filled fountain for my bed.

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