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LAURA CRAIG MASON jars, bricks, whatever leave me alone

"All of us, the members of the human race, are responsible for our fate in the future. We do what we can do. . . Everything you think and do affects our world. If you are in peace, you are already part of the peaceful world."
--Yoko Ono

To the Unlikely Stories home pageSoft and sensual, the poems of Laura Craig Mason speak on all the things we hold most dear: identities personal and genetic, the peace we find or fail to find in chaos, and, of course, that which the body was designed to express. Totally unafraid of her subject matter, Laura Craig Mason seeks answers to life's most painful questions, writing poems in the hopes you'll accompany her in her quests for meaning.

Born and raised in Maryland, Laura Craig Mason has spent most of her life some way entrenched in the creative process. She studied ballet and dance through her childhood, up until a knee injury in college. It wasn't until the divorce of her parents, though, that she ever thought of committing imagery to the page.

Currently living in Germantown, Maryland with her husband and 2 cats Laura reads and competes in several venues, writes for the online zine www.wintermittens.com, codes her own web-site www.watrfae.com, and knits and paints during her very few spare moments. Working by day at a Criminal Justice library she finds fodder for her art; by night she reads, sells self published chapbooks, and adheres to the DIY mentality. Her most current projects are collages, sculpting goddess wall hangings, and finding the perfect lager. You can reach her at Laura@watrfae.com.

Laura's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Inner Peace Doesn't Sell