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She left today
	officially packed and removed her belongings
	she’s gone
	and I covered the dreadful brown bulletin board
	in green lace
	and meaningful words on various types of papers.
I moved the television onto her desk
	to gain more space on mine,
	though I had to tape the cable to the ceiling
	and felt taller for a little bit
reaching up from the chair.
Her shelving I restructured as my night table
	so that now it separates our beds
in spite of suggestions to king-size it
	since I have no one
to share it with
	and what a waste to sleep in it
Page-a-day calendars litter all the flat surfaces
	and somehow I manage
to lose track of days anyways
	kind of like how the dim sterile hospital ceiling lights
	are as useless as the sunlight
streaming in through closed shades. 

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