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tired feet frozen in their stink 
in their stinking leather shoes peeling
soft rotten fruit soaking sunset wooden
in bowls 

fingers dragging sad trackmarks in dusty snow
frostbitten up to the second joint
sipping whiskey to keep going
cant stop wont go cant go home no more
heart pound lung burn balls ache teeth tingle
throat burns hot whiskey breath on a dripping nose
cars pass stumble now go forward step forward
wind blows hate cars whistle by drag by pull 
light faces giving looks confused eyes faces
wincing behind glass sun probing brains for
indecipherable serenity
missing euphoria

legs snapping like screen doors
kneeling over the bound body
frozen to the roadside
cars cum by washing my guts and lungs in 
salt chemical frozen air
my eyes burn hotter 

knotting fingers reach into the stiff
pocket pulling out a wallet and a note
written in a shaking hand
"i slept in the snow last night
thoughts of you were all that kept me warm
i bailed paulo out of jail 

dropping the listless paper into the stretched
highwayside snow lips
feet dragging forward sun dripping
white blades across painful china 

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