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open finger bowls

she dropped him off at the bus station
goodbye, kissing and a few swimming wax faces
watching him walk off
goes into the bar for a drink 

returning minutes later
to blue leather seats
sniffing and preoccupied
with her gait
starts the car
driving under the yellow wires
down the empty desert roods 

seeing the police
after a quarter hour stoned driving
turns down her music/puts out her limp cigarette
the officer directing her out of her car
with drawn firearm
to the rear of the car 

her spasming husband knotted to the bumper
with ruddy ropes wound around his neck
smiling with bloodstained teeth 
she kneels down to lift his head to her breast 

his brain spills into her fingers
her vomit spills into his facial cavities
giggling cock gnarled into his pantleg coughing
kneeling in front of the vehicle
snorting bumps of cocaine off a nail file 

the officer
has a hardon 
31 inches below
his parted lips

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