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cabbage halves

all night had been drinking
in a room full of mirrors
and a piano
bored disassembles piano
mutilates chords 
unravels strings and coils
pushing the folded ivory piano
up the concrete stairs
dvwp dwfd pfvct nct
huh heh ahh hack cough puff guzzle
cratch crotch swap tap soal
gull white ascending observing lens
upward 13- 14- 24- 34- 38- 39- R00F
dropping the limbs, organs, pipes, faucet
tubes, doorknobs
onto the reflecting puddles glazed irregular
blacktop roof tarp pulled taught mouth pool covered
pulled past on squealing abused tiny wheels
his bony fingers reassemble the ivory piano
purposefully bad playing thunders around him
on the tarnished coin 
the last of the bottle
another cigarette
blood boiling with whisky into greasy veins
tar searing into lungs
lincolns false teeth
the piano dives off the edge of the building
gracefully silently plummeting
weightless a second of two
the lid opening to gulp the cool winter air
soaring past windows
24- 17- 13- 4-
bursting onto the sidewalk below disrupting the position
of a recording device
a few shouts
a dead kitten (found a block away in a beer bottle-
how did it get in there?
frowning sympathetic police
a blushing cheshire grin
laughing in the cop bar
at 3am
bellowing absurdities

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