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the dogs and the cats in the neighborhood began to go missing
the kids said vaporub took them
kids would run screaming into the school
when vaporub ran nude coated in the glistening petrol
onto the playground with his greasy tongs
day by day
after vaporub got kicked out of school
pets continued to disappear 
police couldn't catch him
he had lots of hiding places and was naked
when children began to disappear
the militia went after the kid
who raped the little girl behind the stage curtain
in filled auditorium
a pile of animals 
cats dogs raccoon skunk deer 
stacked in morbific piles
tiny bodies wrung like rags
wrapped around branches
dismembered still alive writhing
gently crying 
propped up in crudely made stirrups
"i broke my arm
vaporub walked toward them
a broken arm hanging
a blunt uncircumcised erection
smeared blood thighs
the missing children ran
out of the trees with their eyes cut out
yelling jibberish and waving their bodies 
around anxiously with their mouths propped open

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