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to jon-benet ramsey:

if you would have lived
to grow up
and be a woman
would you have any memories
of ever
being a girl?

if you ever
got old
and found a wrinkle
in your face
or a creak
in your bones,
would you know how to deal with it?
or would you just swallow
a handful of pills
to make yourself
like you would have learned
from your mother?

would you ever
have become suicidal?
the difficulties of
being forever plastic
would surely have gotten to you
sooner or later,
not to mention the pressure
to never even wear your
favorite gown twice.
would you have ever felt
even a twinge of guilt
for that?

or would you have
gotten smart?
would you have run away
as a disgusted teenager
and started a campaign
to free the world's
three year old beauty queen

or would you have grown up
big and strong
and wrapped your fingers
around your mother's neck,
crushing her trachea and
grinding her epiglottus into her esophagus
while standing on your daddy's throat?

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