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cars passing
christmas lights burning
who are you gonna
point your cigarette at tonight?
gnaw your nails
cut your cock off
write best selling novels
beat up your mother
suck your mothers cunt
fuck your father
seduce a fat priest
cars passing
christmas light mothers singing
smoke some grass
sell that ass
snort some speed
sell that weed
what have you got to lose
but your capacity
at getting erections?
dream up your fame
dance around like andy worhol
they all want your cock
listen to their praise
slice the arm truthful
let the blood slide down
what are you angry at
other than elton johns 
platform shoes for sale
on ebay
sing your drunk
drop your trunk
blacken your lungs
destroy your eyes
and 1000 pens
on 100 notebooks of
fuck fags fuck life
fuck niggers fuck broads
fuck racists 
fuck it all
it all tastes like a
deafening roar of silence 
with teakettles in her eyes
do i love silence

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