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Those nightmares..

So, today...
i was sleeping the day off
preparing my body for  
 a long shift, night job
i had a nightmare
my mother was in this bathtub of blood
And I couldn't turn the blood off
That was spurting out of
A broken faucet
She was trying to drown herself
Sticking her head under this blood
with gurgle bubbles floating up
to the surface
then my father started yelling for help
As I was laying in bed with my 
X junkie friend couple
They were all high on heroin
and I asked for their advice
they had no advice
My mother said I was a disappointment
I pulled my mother from this bathtub,
only now she had no legs
No arms
She was this bleeding nightmare
stub of a human being
this upset me immensely, 
She had no pulse
No breathing
i remebermered my emt skills
and quickly revived her through CPR
she was yelling at me to let her just die
"YOU think I want to live as some sort 
of freak!" she screamed at me
"Isn't living as a freak, 
Better then being dead mother?"
Then I felt hatred
Towards the person
That had done this to her
i wanted revenge
i guess this angel told me
 The culprits' name was 
freddie, the angel told me
Where I could find him
at this fancy rich hotel
he was a player
a dealer of hearts
a taker of love
I went there, with an extensive dream gun fully loaded
As I pictured my mother at home
Trying to walk 
on these new mechanical type computer
Internet ran legs,
 the 2000-year doctors
had prescribed to her, she also had these mechanical 
arms, that led into these pirate like hooks
and my computer illiterate
Dad was trying to control her functions
crying at this computer keyboard
This was getting to be too much
this dream
I had to wake up sooner or later
I was mad
I found the room, to the hotel
this evil fuck stayed in
A dirty looking crack head hooker answered the door
I grabbed her hair
"Where the fuck is he, Freddie?!?"
she quickly told me
i saw his eyes, I didn't have to ask his Name
i knew it was him, I grabbed him by the hair
In my super man like dream strength
and I smashed his head into the hotel floor
A good ten times, as his whore like
Followers begged me not to kill him
he was unconscious, as I smirked
And pulled out my long dong super fly gun, 
and shot out his fucking knee caps
I filled a bathtub
with his blood
 killed his followers
And drowned his sorry face
in the tub,
Nightmares are never pretty

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