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The Carriage Horse

A hot sun beat down on the streets of the city;
It's merciless rays were incredibly strong.
The cruel carriage driver showed no sign of pity
And whipped the old horse as it staggered along.

The poisonous fumes of the cars overcame him;
He stumbled and fell as he struggled for breath.
The cab driver viciously beat him and maimed him
with punishing blows that brought him close to death.

In righteous outrage Pegeen's blue eyes were flashing;
Her beautiful face became angry and hard.
She grabbed the horse whip and gave him such a lashing
The driver was blubbering, beaten and scarred.

She purchased the horse as she could not forsake him
To save the poor animal from further harm;
Then rented a truck and a trailer to take him
To his future home on her peaceful green farm.

The horse doctor came and put medicine on him
To heal the deep cuts from the driver's whip hand;
The God of equines bestowed mercy upon him
And in a short time he was able to stand.

Pegeen's young grandchildren came dashing to meet him
And gave him red apples and carrots to eat;
A strawberry-roan mare came running to greet him
Which to the old horse made his rapture complete.

Pegeen thanked the Lord for the miracle given;
He slowly recovered, sired foals of his own.
The fragrant green fields brought him as close to heaven
As any pasture he had ever known.

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