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RICHARD ARNOLD has two last names

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWhat scares you? If it happens between the sheets, Richard Arnold knows all about it. In the following poems, Richard explores, efficiently and mercilessly, the collective American neuroses about that most spooky of all subjects: sex and human sexuality. He tells dark tales of rape and impotence, with free verse and haiku.

Richard says, "As a writer I have lots of influences, including being a descendant of Alabama tenant farmers, a few years as a naval officer, and explorations up and down the Pacific coast. I get a great deal of inspiration from nature and wilderness; I feel that I couldn't live without it. Several times a year I have to withdraw from the clamour of humanity and renew my spirit by hiking as deeply into the wilderness as I have time for. I also teach environmental literature, as well as traditional English and American lit. I have so many favourite writers, I hate to pick one, so will say that for non-fiction it's Thoreau, for fiction Faulkner, and for poetry G.M. Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, and Pattiann Rogers (but there are many more I like just as well)." You can write to him at arnold@mala.bc.ca.

Richard's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Different Universe
Pronoun Paralysis