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íMira Guey! (Hey Asshole!)

in each age       at least in this country 

several great capitalists are thrown forth         make themselves 

for my time, 
there was the one who said,

we must work to obsolesce ourselves imaginatively,
    ahead of obsolescence  itself 
       so that the remaking can begin 
so that our new selves can gestate in the decay and detritus 
                of our creeping extinction 

seek perpetual transformation 

we look around and back    at the pitiful relicts, 
      stranded on mountaintop and island
          trailer park and motel
             park bench and entryway
those who wanted to stay the same
who believed in the absoluteness of a single idea or truth
or just lacked the agility to catch the next wave 

but  this great man   stares out at the world   through the haze of
          a banana cream pie 
              catapulted onto his face                         
by jesters     that thumb their nose at the so called universal forces

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