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item to father
my foreskin
my virginity

item to mother
photographs of me
at age five

item to true love
half a pack of cigarettes
three dollars

item to the emperor of the drugstore
a teacup
of my blood

item to dearest friend
1001 poetry books
several dozen notebooks of poetry

item to d. a. levy
my poetic anger
cynicism, obsession and love

item to hopeful virgin
i leave you my bill

item to andy worhol
an empty soup can

item to  fat poodle
a steakbone
and a pat on the head

item to dead spirit
a copy of
satanic bible

item to hungry
the meat on my dead body

item to the heartless
my dead heart

item to a. ginsberg
a poem about
shaving my pubic hair
when i was drunk

item to tv
a society of glazed idiots

item to devil
my soul

item to buddha
my gratitude

item to harold jones
my chapstick

item to vic malfry
a lead pipe i found
on the sidewalk

item to society
laughter weeping
almost overpowering the sound of the highway

item to wifebeaters
eternal fury sympathy
this means you if your married

item to mickey mouse
my collection of E.C. comics
complete poetry of ee cummings

item to a candy wrapper
my glasses

item to shoeless
blankets shoes clothes chair socks

item to chainsmokers
nicotine inhaler

item to finklestein
my hashpipe

item to scary larry
my crackpipe

item to smiling junky lovers
syringes in my dishwasher

item to myself
my life as a brown leaf
blowing across snowy fields

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