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help me i hate
are these words written for
highschool english teachers
college english professors
complaining parents
uptight party kids
dont touch me i hate
dont notice me ill take your eyes
dont criticize the poems of milton for not being perfect
and then chuckle at a misspelled word
i want to taste the insides of daddys cigar black lungs
as a white haired five year old cocksucker on juvenile knees
with the tip of my cock that spits lizard tongue
dramatic sad whistles
emerge steam hold clouds
for failed artists poets writers
there is nowhere for us
a gulf of dreamed reality
the mind clattering abused
unnoticed alarm clock
mind crawls through cracks in gravel bondage
this is nothing
the last resort for knife wielding hands
to forget their blood for five seconds
with no reward but hopes for serenity
there is no beauty for us
other than that which is created in polymer factories
and slapped with labels
glowing excited eyes
nothing men
ground into splintered leaves
blowing under my tar stained nostrils
pulling through concrete fields
bent plowing for scents
use your asshole
as a telescope
to see your missing lover
stranded on the moon with an empty beercan
prove your manhood
prove your love
prove your dreams to
day old newspapers
spinning torn cloth dresses lampshade lines
flapping in prerain dusk
caught on weathervanes
the last dream
and in bloodshot eysockets
blinking away the seconds
in dreams company
against melted candy constellations
slithering dawn worms
between lulls amongst crumbled bones
just a single moan from your parted lips
remembered behind closed eyes
inside blandishment colors
sound parchment lips
sound taxed mind
blackened ashtray
observed by 73 terrified women
burn this plea for nothing
you have nothing better to do
than ignore the longing
the rest of the world

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