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Sonata for One String

for her the key has always been
the way she looks except
to me it is the way she looks at
me suddenly and I feel her eyes
the way small plays appear
in the middle of her sentences
and dance on her lips
the way she asks me
the questions I want to answer
and I do and when the words come
without their customary caution
she makes them stay
the way she opens to me
like she has known me all
her life and I am so welcomed
from my longest journey
and there is so much to tell
and I do the way we seem
like conjoined twins who've
been split each missing
parts the other has kept for us
but most in that the contact
of eyes is so simple like a mirror
with a better view so that
somehow I can tell if this is
the brief dream it seems
when I wake she will be there
still looking into my eyes from
so near her breath is mine

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