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Tossing the Salad

There you are -
As appealing as the sound
of fresh vegetables,
seducing me
with your produce
by bending your
elastic bands to and fro.
You are
your skillful
With each and every
flagrant second that flickers
my senses become
I begin to feel
and untrustworthy.
I want to wash
your mouth out
with my soap
just to see you
foaming at the mouth.
The only problem is
I am no longer
in anything that
You have become
my master.
I'm lost -
You have enslaved
Your every wish
is my desire.
I will start by
pulling down my clothes
and undressing
the bed -
just to show you how
manipulative and
relentless your
jittery dance
has proven to be.
There is no way
you are unaware
of what you do.
You have willfully
wrapped your entire world
around me
like an elastic band
around a head
of fresh lettuce,
that's just aching
to be

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