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BRYON HOWELL knows his fruits from his vegetables

To the Unlikely Stories home pageBryon Howell's poems can be shockingly violent, hauntingly romantic, or both, but always stand on the edge of human thought. They are tense, cutting pieces, that explore areas of our hearts and minds that most poets would rather leave alone.

Bryon says: "I write all types of poetry: traditional, free-verse, prose, you name it. A lot of my material may be deemed controversial or even shocking, but all of it is an artistic expression of my random poetic spasms. Some people break the law - I tried that route. Now I try to break literary ground. The latter is much more enjoying and stimulating to everyone concerned. You might find my work lurking in Lucid Moon, but I also write a lot of "innocent" poetry. You'll see me around, I promise.

Bryon Howell, an inmate in Brooklyn, has been writing poetry for almost two years and submitting for publication for about six months. He has had poetry accepted for publication by over thirty small magazines including Offerings, Tucumcaii Literary Review, Parnasses Literary Journal, Love's Chance, Star Rising Magazine, and Mojo Risin', to name a few. He has no e-mail address, but you can reach him by writing to Unlikely Stories.

Bryon's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
Slightly Infatuated
Love for Sale
Tossing the Salad
The Spider and the Fly
His Soft Hands
Body Worship with Shawn Liquia
My Real Mother - The Bitch
Spanish Fly with Shawn Liquia