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My Real Mother - The Bitch

My mother
was a bitch.
She pulled me out
of her blood-saturated
spanked my bare ass
and threw me at my grandmother,
right in the delivery room.
My grandmother's angelic,
white dress
was stained with the bitch's
diseased blood -
stains that would not wash out
until I was twenty-five
years old.

My father -
must have seen this coming.
He left before I was squeezed
out of my mother's
greedy, slimy

Even as an infant
I could not stand
that tuna fish and vinegar

Every time I went
to the supermarket
and passed the feminine
hygiene products
I would tremble.
When I caught sight
of the douche kits
I would run
like a dog in the rain
who is afraid of the thunder
and used to hiding under beds
when the lightening hits.

I was the first
of three rabid,
sickly animals that entered
this world
from that polluted tunnel
of sewage.
But -
I am the only one
who survived.

My mother's mother
became the only mother
I ever knew.

The best thing
The bitch ever did
was give birth to me.
Everything else
she has ever done
including having the other two
was of Satan.

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