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mon petit choux
how do i say what i want to do to you?
people would think iíve got a dirty mind
but i swear
never wanted to lick a booty hole before yours
never wanted to give head for more than a few minutes
now i swallow for you
never wanted to spend all day squeeeezing balls
until i found i was in love with yours
experimentation galore
(but donít forget the icy-hot was your idea, not mine
and i had a hunch it might be painful)
para ti, mi amor: 
el sexo entero 
whatever you want
want to do me in the ass
do it doggy style
do it standing up
nine am
nine pm
three pm
yes yes whatever you want 
since i know
i neednít worry about you asking me to hold a live chicken
so you can cram it in her unihole
but if you want to pose for my pictures
push my head down where you want it
sure like i said whatever
iím all ears
and iím all yours

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