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My head hurts =
too many margaritas + too much stress.
Stress.  Why Stress?
I build it for myself.
Mother invites me to church.
I don't have Faith; I don't go.
Mother prays for me.
Daddy never held Mother's hand;
I never knew he should.
But Mother and I used to read the Sunday paper on her (couch) bed
before we drove to church.
(I read the funnies, she did the crossword.)
When I learned about the dinosaurs in third grade,
I asked Mother why the Bible said God created the animals 
just a day or two before He created Adam and Eve.
(The fossil records contradicted that.)
Mother said maybe the days were a lot longer back then.
The scary thing is I think she actually believes that.
I don't believe, I don't believe.
Daddy snored and read the sports section in his (queen size) bed.
Mother prays for Daddy.
Mother has a Mother too =
too many many beers + too too much manipulation.
Mother walked alone to church when she was a girl.
She has a lot of Faith.
Faith.  Why Faith?
She builds it for herself.
Mother prays for her Mother.
I'm living in sin, Gin.
I'm going to Hell, Dewey Dell:
"I don't believe in God, God.  God, I don't believe in God."
Mother still prays for me anyway.

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