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LISA JUNTUNEN is a scatologist... sort of

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe poems of Lisa Juntunen speak of alcohol, dysfunction, romances gone sour, and the freakish neuroses inherent in human sexuality. She ties these themes together with a free-form style that is far more complicated than that which we normally call "free verse." Through sophisticated placement and structure, she gives us poems in which her form builds upon her themes, leaving us awed with the power of her images.

Lisa Juntunen was last seen alive on March 12, 2001. Her boyfriend reported her missing the next day, and her body was found in mid-April. April 5th, 2001 would have been her 23rd birthday. More information about her can be found at The Writer's Block message board.

Lisa's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Things to Tell My Therapist in Session Today:
Met at a party.