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Things to Tell My Therapist in Session Today:

I guess it's been a good week;
work's been slowing down a bit;
I still have eight cigarettes left;
but I do have writer's block:  I'm in the middles of poems 
about my parents not knowing me at all, 
and Mos Def and how I have no sense of self;
I can't remember--did we fight today?--
seems like we did, I'm pretty tense;
my memory is shit these days,
and Thursday always feels like Tuesday;
(twenty minutes left.)
What else?  What else?
Oh, yes…I think I am wasting my money by coming to see you;
I don't think it's helping me much;
I wonder what you're thinking, while you sit and judge me,
tall and thin in your Prada shoes;
I try hard not to bore you, sorry my life has been in a rut.
(I do need to get a haircut, but I want you to like it when it's done);
how will I get better if I can't or won't tell you how I really feel
because I am too busy trying to impress you?
Once some time ago when you were yawning while I talked, 
I considered saying "I don't think I should come back."
(How can I expect someone else to save me
when I don't even help or like myself?)
I haven't cried once today;
I take that as a really good sign (in spite of awful cramps!);
I guess what I'm saying is I really think I can do it alone from here,
but…do you suppose it's possible that I could still get the discounted meds?

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