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Phlegmatic- (a) not easily excited to action or emotion (b) cool or self possessed
                 Braced in the phlegmatic, transitory world of 
                  Sutherland Train Station a computer generated
                       voice is activated:
                 In case of emergency, please use the Help Point in the Night Safe Area
                 Etched in my notebook more reliable than truth or memory 
                        I reread a list of things I need to do to pursue my latest project-
                 shovel, hammer, wood, nails, new Salvo suit, black shoes, hair shirt, map…
                 The sky spits on the tracks 
                     & on the grey anonymous rabble of pigeons,
                  the stained wall before me awash
                     with the faecal ooze cataloguing decades 
                             of incessantly non-descript activity: like indigenous waste
                    & directly above 
                               on the steel crossbeams, for the comfort of commuters, 
                   are embedded
                           rows upon rows
                   of bird deterrent needles the length of fingers   
                 The vegetable plot is soft, black   cornucopic-
                      easy workings for the shovel.
                 At dusk, soothed by my dark labours
                   I lay deep within the hole
                          listening to the subtle nuances
                                      & rhythms of my heart-
                     for any variant signal,
                 however slight       which will help
                   in my ongoing ruminations 
                                        about the temporal:
                    Is this life- ‘death in life’ or ‘life in death’?

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