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Gray Days That Blossom

"Where were we?, in the afternoon of our lives
that we would despair of love's foolishness
take a pill to oblivion
or cease to put the clown's kiss aft" he said...
...laughing petals gray to autumn-love
in all its mulishness....laughter from above
....from the balcony above
where it may have been some mistress
or it may have been a wife
whose skill in the seed of the tongue renewed
brewed good tea and conversation
even with the children grown!
Another happy story
...and a passion never known! Never known!,
and I had no children by you Rachel,
...your paintings are my children!
My poems are their offspring
and your freedom is your art!
Never known to them, but I knew always, you see, the thief who steals the air around you in a kiss
and tip toes in his bliss 
toward the treasure 
the meaning and the measure
of my heart....gray days that blossom! Let them be.

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