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The Tropical Heat which Abuelo Feels for Abuela
as an Artist and a Woman

Both heat and breeze!...much like the moon and stars
over the swaying palms in their ease
…this munificence of her painterly ways
while evening and light spin westward for hours and hours
in breathless shadow whose southern ocean waves scent the air
like a million flowers
born of love and loving in countless days
in this
our town and harbor in the South.
Or much, the way a child plays, like the color
wrought from the Sun
most always everywhere here
and never gone
in a sketch, or a mural, inspired by his kiss
as by a kiss from God's mouth
…it is the like this! The words which the poet draws up
from her art
in southward harbors
leading southward more…in heart that sighs
with heat at the core. 

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