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SAM SILVA keeps it short and sweet

To the Unlikely Stories home pageMake no mistake. The poems of Sam Silva may be beautiful, soft and careful in their symbolism, but they are infused with an anger and passion to match the most deconstructionist of avant-guarde writers. With the four poems we present here, Sam discusses poverty, death, and sexuality with open eyes and a hot heart, studying their effect on humanity with all the sincerity of a true poet.

Sam Silva, writer and poet, was a columnist for Spring Lake News for approximately ten years. He has published a total of ten chapbooks and numerous audio tapes with five small press markets. He's published no fewer than 350 poems in a variety of literary and other magazines including Indie Journal, Comrades, Bulkhead, Austin Daze, Ken Again, Seeker, Megaera, Fairfield Review, Rio Del Arts, Samisdat, St. Andrew's Review, Poetry Motel, Boulliabaise, The E.C.U. Rebel, Paranasus, Sow’s Ear, Dog River Review, Thirteen Magazine, Brouhaha, Pembroke Magazine, Sandhill’s Review, Third Lung Review, Synesthesia, and many, many others.

He's been nominated for the Pushcart Award seven times, by three separate literary markets. He is the recipient of the Emerging Artist Grant and Mini Grant from the Arts Council of Fay/CC. He's a regularly featured guest on the WFSS literary program A Time to Listen. In addition to poetry, he's published numerous essays and some sort fiction, and will soon have a full-length collection of poetry and short fiction available at the major Internet bookstores titled Eating and Drinking. At http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/samsilva, you can order his poetry CDs, or drop him a line at samsilva54@earthlink.net.

Sam's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

A Less than Tragic Circumstance
Watching the Fire Die
The Tropical Heat which Abuelo Feels for Abuela as an Artist and a Woman
Gray Days That Blossom