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I fill my flask with problems

at the party I had a fifth of JD
and drank it steadily to ease my 
social ineptitude
and well enough it worked itself 
about me

but that wasn’t enough

as statisticians racked up the latest figures

life expectancy:

Male: 72.3
Female: 76.8

as a crow cuts the air thin like a knife through warm bread

I started in on the beer 
and my world was pleased for the moment 
and the conversation was usual
trite, drab with no real meaning 
other than filler in the air waves

another damned one for the statisticians 

and a most fuckable blond roused through the door
like Lazarus, frenetic 
with a fifth of Tequila in her hand 
and with a shot glass in my hand I slit my wrists with 
Mexican glory 
6 shots to hell 

it never seems quite enough, just to be a stat on another spreadsheet

as if in unison I rose with another man
him to one bathroom
me to the remaining 
and I sat with my face barely above the crystal flame framed in porcelain
like mad 
at the world and its residences 

in the other bathroom 
I could hear the man become angry 
and for awhile I thought he wanted to kill me 
for getting him overly intoxicated 

I laughed even harder as I tightened my fists and 
let glory go spinning 
into the 
of life.

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