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God's Special Nonsense Creation

... so screw those harbingers of doom   on shellacked heels
moaning and lamenting over the dark and flirting
with true penance    as convincing as a classified ad
                                            from a
Sunday rag

get a lift, get a lift from the wholly men
  who instruct
    who de-construct
laughing at the accomplished id
                              spitting at the ego
('cept that which boils quintessence from the folly

of our lives)

squeeze out the pulp, discard all extraneous BS & live
     live unruly through all the peculiar stats
accept the weather
                     in the end
                                  build shelter-  when
  draw your own symbols
unappreciated perhaps but evolving live
         through the cruel math   the algebra of the streets
               kick open the phone box dial for help
    articulate the real of what you can

fabricate the rest
(the rest is filler, figured in the rest of our lives,
                figure it out):

   negotiate the mind's exposure reeling in daft air
       consider dirty looks from those stuck on the onramp
              (a challenge)
from which you have just past without haste
                       to battle the elements and brave
      the furious speeds of the serotonin highway
                     stuffed with oily curtains
                     of knowledge
                     that hide
               so many of us from the wizard we wish upon

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