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Noble Rot

greeting us

a kick in the groin
a kiss on the small of the neck

love, vice, addictions...

does it turn like milk left out too long?
like wine? better with age... does it
warp like glass, acetate?

does it anticipate the stench & circling
of flies? get stronger or die
from exposure to the elements?...
buckle like a bridge in a Nor'easter?

sickness & death are the great equalizers
or so the poor might think
but we are not equal, no
there are the have's & have not's
'til the end

this is the meat game &  I
have the need to want and don't we all

I have no addictions
I shouldn't kick
      but searching desires
almost forgotten

               like a lost record album
    pulled out
                     of the bargain bin
that plays slow & you're embarrassed
          to admit it's your best friend

on scratchy nights alone

just the woofers & you

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