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"A poet is a fighting cock with spurs, whatever sex, not comfortable until you bleed."
--Randall Garrison

To the Unlikely Stories home pageMarissa Ranello, Kung Fu masterIntense and very to the point, the poems of Marissa Ranello discuss the intense anxieties of modern life. Whether she's writing about the tension in relationships, the slide into darkness, or just a hellish ferry ride, Marissa's poems ooze tension and nervousness. You'll love the way she explores the constant emotional chatter of human beings.

Marissa says, "Writing? Why? 'By biting into dreams with rotten tooth, I spit the remnants on blank paper,' says the poet. But that still doesn't answer why. 'Why? Well, because writing feeds my hunger for MORE. And unfortunately, my MORE is always LESS than I anticipate. So I have this drive to keep going. Really, it never ends until my message can be conveyed with a cold beer and #2 pencil. Revision is always a bitch.'"

Marissa Ranello has recently emerged as a writer from the dirtiest borough of New York, a.k.a. Staten Island. Born in 1980, this young writer has taken her first steps into the publishing world with appearances in: Thunder Sandwich, Comrades, Ken*Again, The Poet's Cut, Verse Libre, Dirty Pigeon, and an Anthology by PoetWorks Press titled In the Company of Women. Drop her a line at Rishere4u@aol.com.

Marissa's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Five Hour Booty Call
Shaolin Mexicano Manifesto
Unraveling Blue Afghan
Sardonic Broken Angel

Staten Island Ferry