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All My So-Sharp and Pointy Things

All my so-sharp
     and pointy things
          are clean
               comin' up Sunday.
All my stabby-stabbing
     and piercing items
          are in their special places.
They're supposed to be sleeping
     But they're singing…silvery
          noises.  Bad!

I dress dollies
     better than their
          mommies do.

All my peeling and
     probey-puncturing materials
          are hidden away
(no one knows where but me,
          no one Finds!).
I hate mommies
     with peek-a-boo prying eyes.
Mommies hate me
     and shiny-prying thingies.

All my ouchee-stinging
     and drilling objects
          are polished so-shiny.
Daddies Hate!
     Daddies hate me
          when their dollies disappear.

All my sharpy
     and point things
          are glittery-clean.
They're ready to sing, too much,
     louder than new dollies…Shush!

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