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Eating Dust

When I died last time
I said,
"This is it,
I'm never coming back
To kill you all again!"

Been buried
So many fucking times.
More shovelfuls on my eye sockets
Than I can count.
I've dug
For days at a time,
Perseverance is the amulet
That I wear.
My fashions have always been
As dead as I.

And after all
The soil's fallen
Out of my sockets and jaw,
Where my unused tongue once lay,
I still see more than you,
Even without eyes.

Before my mind
Rotted away,
I hated all of you.
I wanted to make you suffer.
Now it's just a matter
Of finding you
And masticating your flesh.
It sounds easy…
But it isn't by far.

While I wander
In your direction
I sing;
No words that you
Could ever understand.
To your ears it's just
The chopping of old jaw bones,
Mixed with the growls
Of a tortured zombie.

One thing's for sure.
I'm on my way,
After you again.
Neither Christ nor Satan
Want my presence beside them.
Or perhaps…
They just want you!
Maybe that's the answer
To this perplexity.

There are more riddles
Than the ones that
Permeate my torn torso.
Soon I'll find
What I've always sought.
Then I'll be ripping through you
Like the maggots once did to me.
And I promise,
To all involved,
It will be the
Death of everything you…

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