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R.G.H.'s name is not a pallindrome

To the Unlikely Stories home pageR.G.H.'s first poem at this site is titled, "moms and ladies get mixed up." It's the perfect way to express R.G.H.'s poetry as a whole. Writing from deep in the subconscious, R.G.H. works with symbols, not facts: he freely exchanges ladies for moms, and talks about his death in the past tense. His writing quickly takes us to dreamscapes and things we thought we had forgotton.

R.G.H. is 54 years old, a manager in an organization, and has been writing poetry for thirty years. He has no e-mail address, but you can reach him through Unlikely Stories.

R.G.H.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

moms and ladies get mixed up
so you forgot a little
in the years since my demise