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Until recently, he was the oldest living human on record. Born after World War II, he evolved into the remaining survivor of that era, marking him for posterity as the last baby boomer.

To honor him, an old black and white TV was stationed nearby, tuned to run continuously through the night. Cathode rays bathed the closed casket in hypnotic flickering light, in an otherwise barren and unlit room.

Images from the past scanned electronically across the 6" diagonal surface of the miniature screen. There was the test pattern and the message please stand by, followed by Lights Out and the marching Delco batteries / Howdy Doody and Princess Summerfallwinterspring / Jon Gnagy ... "if you can draw a circle, a triangle, a square ..."

And then a rerun of Universal Studio's Frankenstein. Boris Karloff waited to be electroshocked back into life.

It remained to be seen whether the occupant of the casket would follow suit.

Please stand by.

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