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ROCHELLE HOPE MEHR grooves to the sound of seashells

To the Unlikely Stories home pageQuiet and thoroughly introspective, the works of Rochelle Hope Mehr seem to be a chronicle of confusion and uncertain angst. She slowly studies her motivations, taking time out to study the reactions of others, then returning to her reactions to those reactions. Her works are an exquisite study into human consciousness.

Rochelle says, "My poetry has appeared in Improvijazzation Nation, Fauquier Poetry Journal, Pop Poets, CER*BER*US, Way Station Magazine, Anthology, Wired Art from Wired Hearts, and other online and print publications." Drop her a line at rochellemehr@hotmail.com.

Rochelle's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Om The Misdiagnosis-and-Mistreatment Lament
The Mourn Double Negative
The Scar Coping
Dear Poet This Can't Be a Poem

Requiem Along the Information SuperHighway
Premonition in the Mental Hospital And the water shed...
Missing Morning
Scrutiny The Unburdening
The Scent of Breath Chronic Illness
Prayer in Time of War Below Ground Zero
Gone sine qua non
The Detachment

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The Poet's Ongoing War The Light Within