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Along the Information SuperHighway

Is this Oz?
Which oracle have I tapped into?
I'm shimmying along, seeking a heart, a brain and the courage to find myself
Is it stringing me along, like a deceitful lover?

I plug into search engines words of intense purpose.
If I can just keep this sense of purpose.
Be galvanized by bits of relevant information.
Ignore the tawdry, the ordinary.

But these digits, these 0's and 1's, can run you ragged along a pesky perimeter.
Which bit to choose?
Which is applicable?
Is the data pile infinite as it appears
Or do the digits ultimately converge and does wisdom emerge toward the limit
of Imagination?

How irrational.

I invoke memory.
My memory.
Memory will save me.
A sense of cohesion.
Something I can string the digits along.

The Oracle speaks:

"You can accumulate data forever
But never make up your mind."

This Wizard spouts sound advice
Even if he uses unusual means.

I shut off the machine.

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