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i got five

the weight shifts and
i've got a bucket for you to 
grieve in
i know you like my 
almost the way i love 
your towels
penny rolls on the counter
pay 50 cents for the shower

i smell your cologne 
getting louder
and i know the laudromat
closes in an hour

you've got me stuck in
too afraid i might lose ya
if the sun slaps the hour
and it's time for moonshine
and getting hammered
then i hope i guess i'll meet you
in the bedroom

we could be playing war for hours
maybe we'll get some chicken
have a nice and lovely dinner
do you think we should shut the windows
and maybe close the curtains
we might not eat everything we ordered
but i can entertain for as long
as my mouth works
i know that you can think i'm pretty
good lookin'
and i can believe the same thing
we can take this moment
and fuck it
toss and turn into each other
or we could just say another day
and save it

perhaps our friendship will 
last that way
perhaps we could make it deeper
with at little tweeking and
i don't know why i love you
but i think i know i do
and i know you think you do too. 

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