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t r a c e s a r e a l w a y s l e f t.

WORDS -(defin.) can only tell you different.

i find specks here 
and everywhere i
am of the "i am...
" i used to be. wo
rds can only tell m
e different. i lived 
on the street once
, i still carry the sc
rapes and scars fr
om then, when tha
t period was, may
be not visibly, but 
in memory: the sk
y changed day to 
day. i felt we dro
plets pelt against 
my cheeks, know
ing i had no more 
tears to cry, i got
up and steadied 
my feet, began to
walk to someplac
e drier (one with 
some kind of shei
ld from the rain). 
i did not sleep. i 
found hate agains
t the body of a m
an forced against
me. i came to un
derstand a whole
new silence, a co
vering of the mou
th, shaping defina
tely cried out scre
ams into thin air. ||
that was me in a m
oment. here i am n
ow. in a room. wa
rm, radio playing c
heesy music and s
moking cigarettes 
i still cannot affor
d, remembering a
moment when i w
as me. still am. 

w o r d s c a n o n l y t e l l u s d i f f e r e n t

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