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"Ladies and Gentlemen, for your enjoyment
I present the pinnacle of human artistry.
This woman here before you,
a creation of dedication to art and beauty,
the adoptive child of our world's greatest musicians,
a human being with music, the universal language, woven
into her very being, this woman here is the closest
we will ever come to a platonic ideal.
Dear audience
she is here to perform in concert
for the first time, to finally ignite
a lifetime's worth of passion and knowledge
in glorious song; song that has been crafted
by the most renowned of poets and composers.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this moment
is the culmination of humanity's
artistic aspirations. Ladies and Gentlemen this,
this I present to you."
With that the woman closed her eyes and inhaled
as the MC removed a pistol from his coat
and fired a single bullet
into her head
sending bits of brain and bone across the stage.
The woman fell to the ground
and we stood in applause.

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