Unlikely Stories Presents

TIM BUTTON. A joke would just be too easy.

"Apples have wings, true or false."
--Franz Wright

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAh, to be stuck in a cage, throwing feces at the gawking humans. The poems of Tim Button often return to the theme of voyerism, discussing in depth the relationship between the poet and the reader, between the artist and the audience, between both of them and the art itself. He writes in a surreal vein, keeping you guessing until you pass through your confusion and begin to understand exactly what he's talking about.

Tim's e-mail address is tbutton3@hotmail.com.

Tim's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

I've Bought a Bottle of Jim Beam
An Earthworm's Ars Poetica
A Sand Mandala at Low Tide
Just Some Prophet
Oedipus in the Dark
Concerning a Diary Found in the Woods
Parade of Monkeys