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I received your letter yesterday, and to that, I am now responding. Who would
take me for granted? Good question. Perhaps some people are so engulfed in their own
destructive behavior and enveloped in a perpetual identity crisis that they opt for the
hedonistic path. When shallow people journey through life, they do so with blinders,
always looking for shortcuts and succumb to the immediate yet temporary pleasures. I
really enjoy touching myself in a violent manner.

Life is merely a series of moments, some last longer than others. I believe that you
get out of life what you put in. My girlfriend enjoys the moments that last more than two

I get frustrated and annoyed and aggravated just like everybody else, but I still try
to keep things in perspective. I'm hung like a horse, so you can be jealous all you want.
I'm the one with a third leg!

I am deeply moved by remarkable people and in the big picture, I try to remember
that my problems are trivial and pale in comparison with what some people have to
endure. My girlfriend still won't let me stick it in her ass.

I value my family and my close friends, and those are the people who would never
take me for granted. I still get a healthy allowance. The world doesn't owe me any favors,
but life to me is a covenant of reciprocity. I've got no problem with the 69 position.

Whatever I do, I do it in a unique, dramatic, individual way. I like to put my own
personal stamp on it. I also have a very strong sense of dignity, self-respect, and personal
honor. There's this one position where my girlfriend puts her legs behind her head and I
sort of attack at an angle. It's phenomenal!

When I befriend someone, I am tremendously loyal, sincere, and willing to go to
extraordinary lengths to make that person happy. If she doesn't neglect my twelve inch

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