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they do it 
cause it turns you on
ed gein
has shot an old lady
shot a couple of old
ladies and didnt even rape them
watched hitler cartoons
ate chips
listened to his mother shriek
a girl jumped off henry lee lucas 
16 year old hardon a few seconds before orgasm
as a joke
a smiling rapist
lives in the woods
behind my house
i bring him cans of soup
i once saw a girl laying up
against a building with a torn tank top on
she had a bloody nose 
it gave me a hardon and a smile
they are under you skin
under your skin
under your skin
folded into squares
his name was watched 
l would lay in the cans behind the barber shop
3 feet of hair weighing down tiny body
televisions screaming out of open windows always
woke watched up 
he would get a beer, heroin, cigarettes
and lay under the open window listening to the 
television until it stopped
rarely noticed one day was approached
a guy with an oversized chain link instead of lips
ajar mouth displaying a few bobbing lit cigarettes
and a small plastic spoon he would gag on 
a finger gestured painfully out of one
ear melting aside
knelt down injecting something in watcheds arm
he awoke later under the vaseline rain
a feeling of pain and unease
looking down 
& shaped scars on his gut
something hard and jagged 
poking out of his bleeding skin
in some places
stands up to walk up the road in bare feet
into a city bus
unable to sit down on the bus
some of the others watched him
while he picked his teeth
with the bus drivers giant thumb
and into the emergency room
where they used a pair of scissors and tongs
to take the rusty can out 
and toss it in the trashcan
giving him a pair of scissors 
this ever happens again
do it yourself
we arent a breast reduction 
set him back on his own
into the street
where he fell asleep
and awoke again
the same thing
pulled out the live rat from inside his
that slithered into a drain
sewing his stomach shut
with dull eyes
he fell asleep
and awoke again
the same thing
pulled out the steak from inside his
discolored intestines
and cooked it over a fire
impaled on a short tin rod
he laid on a mattress
that had a tear in it
some dirt on it
fell asleep
felt pain before consciousness
feeling another mound
stumbled to his feet
a sip of beer
walking to the sidewalk
waiting for the bus
collapsed onto
a tangled wire fence
along the roadside
poets, drunks, perverts, children, hoes
and primates 
cum out of tea kettle sized houses
and toss the body
into the river with a few heave-hoes
a small cold testicle resting on my notebook
man squats and hops down the steps reaching
a long arm to pinch the testicle with his thumb
and forefinger
approaches my sleeping body to compare to my own
cold nuts
awake but afraid to move

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