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she was nine 
when she caught the bird
in her cupped hands 
sitting in a tree
she carried it everywhere
it sung in her hands
some followed
entranced by the unearthly 
and the sight of the girl
with her hands cupped 
in front of her
floating forward
locked in the palms of song
the bird was fast and tiny
darted around in her palms
a beam of light on a wall
almost amorphous
she couldnt see it
between the cracks in her hands
asked the bird
"would you escape
if i tried to keep 
you in a cage
the bird answered
she ate and washed with her feet
never letting the bird free
its song grew wistful chiming
the days went by 
she was adored by music ears
and hands
until one day she sneezed
thrust her hands to her mouth
old habit
the bird flew down her throat
when she spoke it was 
disharmonious whistles
her adorers fled holding their ears
from the scathing sounds
her weeping
she lay under a tree
closing her eyes

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