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had taken acid hours ago
inexperienced rich and horny 
bought drank smoked too much

walking through roads paradise inferno
parking lots drifting through barrooms
with the second hand smoke 
nodding at affluent cockroaches
slumped over bar

through the river and over the woods
walked puffing blurting nonsense
describing hallucination

"the trees are all chewing on something

"theres a man sitting on that treestump 
with a cantaloupe in his face

"you stepped on my fathers grave


the two turned to the third who
lay on the ground clutching stomach

two hovered over body
scratching heads

"hell die if we dont do something

"i cant feel a pulse

neither were touching him

"well never get him to a 
hospital on time! and if we do 
well get locked in the morgue
by the surgeons.

"well have to perform the procedure ourselves...

knoelt over hi m cyut open his  sh rirt draw a few
lines ovuer tt stomach bag to kunow where to cut
open a  pocket knfe with swea t hankds bfrow
cuyt iiopen his gut as he wr ithed cut out a kid
ney set it in di rt cut oout hzalf of intestines 
folded into frodzn pine needls le a ravaged 
accorcdian opeed his liver pulfled out scorpion
that rvan into the woods then wrii nched open 
his ribcage with a few tghin logs fwend a quarter
in stomach which they kept for phjonecall cut out
eyes opened face intill loked like inside of a
tomato he awjoke for five seconds sputtering raspy
sluicing voice into their ears sat up spilling
insides into lap falling on his back ttn

"i think we killed him

"hes dead! we have to fix him!
we have to fix-

groaning from the dead
they stuff intestines back in
kidney close ribcage stomach
push his eyes back into his face 
with thumbs

drag him on his back
through the river and over the woods
to the car where
wedge backseat
to the supermarket for
elmers glue masking tape stapler

open him back up his body still warm
vocal chords gurgling
hands clenched into fists

staples in kidney
staples in lungs
staples on ribs
glue in liver
taped intestines

everything is sinister

i am going to die

they want me in a room

i am free

glued and taped face
a new nose made out of playdough

tape stapled gut and face

carry his body to parents 
doorstep sit him on porch
ring the bell

i am all 
alone here

can anyone
hear me

am i here
at all

i am just 
someones idea

all my friends
have gone to sleep
wanna sleep

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