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8 poems

poems of bodies we want
poems of minds we want
poems complaining about
misery and the trivial
poems about cigarettes
poems about drugs
poems about whores
poems about going hungry for awhile
poems about the conditions of jails
poems manufactured out of television like origami
poems spiked with anger over lost loves
lost youths lost beauty lost innocence
poems about ships and cars
poems of god and morality
poems about shopping malls
poems about kittens
poems about san francisco
poems of violence (rarely
poems aimed to please
poems grown in backyard gardens
poems about nothing
poems about the finite
about the infinite
the poetry bile
lines the underskin
oily fat cells in 
glows of televisions tanning beds watt-bulbs
poems about shit eating
poems about meeting the parents
wont someone loose themself
and find refuge here
in our poems of society and reason
living the life of a name and character
poems about no more poems
i cant take any more
students and socialites
debutantes and hippies
artists and politicians
poems about no more art
i sit
with my face 
television blank
shapes muddle colors

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